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The Reinvention Of Hair Colour

January 19, 2021

What we want from pro hair colour: a shade that looks just right and is the same at every salon visit; long-lasting dye; ingredients that are good for us; and packaging that doesn’t harm the environment.

According to hair industry veterans Ray Civello and Lupe Voss, that can be hard for stylists to find. It’s hard to create consistent colour in variable lighting. Products often contain potentially harmful ingredients that stylists are exposed to all day. And dyes often aren’t versatile enough to be mixed to unique customized shades. Then there’s the waste—many professional hair products come in single-use plastic containers that can’t be recycled.

That’s why Civello and Voss have created Color Space, a range of products and equipment for hair pros. Stars of the show are the vegan dyes with ingredients like chia, aloe vera and shea butter that deliver intense, lasting colour and are easy to blend and personalize. There’s also an Olaplex-like bond-restructuring treatment that protects the scalp and hair from dye. But perhaps the biggest innovation isn’t a hair product at all.

The Unimix Hair Color Mixer is a device that gently heats the dye ingredients to body temperature so that you don’t get a cold shock on application (a common cause of irritation) and the time the dye stays on your hair is reduced. It uses a metal bowl, which helps control the temperature and also prevents microplastics getting into your hair dye, which often happens with conventional mixing dishes. It also comes with a lid that means stylists don’t inhale vaporized ingredients, and it mixes the dye to a smoother consistency that can supposedly deliver a more uniform and vibrant shade. To help with precision, it comes with a digital scale for measuring out ingredients.

Precision leads to less wastage, so that’s good for the environment. In addition, packaging is recyclable and tubes are twice as big as competitors’ equivalents, leading to less travel emissions and waste. The brand has also developed refills to help eliminate unnecessary packaging.

CEO Ray Civello believes that all these measures will help professionals deliver a better service—and run a tighter business, too, a real boon in a difficult time for the beauty industry. “Weathering the challenging times of 2020, like never before the industry needs to band together and support each other in meaningful ways,” he says.


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