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This Limited-Edition Necklace Helps Amplify The Stories Of Indigenous Women

March 10, 2021

VITA featured influencer Shayla Stonechild has teamed with Paris Jewellers, a Canadian-Vietnamese women-owned and operated company, on a limited-edition Arrowhead necklace, to amplify the stories of Indigenous women.

The necklace ($149), co-designed by Shayla, features a double chain, three diamonds and an arrowhead pendant made in sterling silver plated with 10k yellow gold. For each necklace sold, all net proceeds will be donated to the Matriarch Movement, whose mission is to rewrite the mainstream narrative around Indigenous women.

The arrowhead pendant holds significance to Shayla as her grandfather, Ray Oulette, found an arrowhead in the back yard of her childhood home. The arrowhead signifies ties to her lineage, a form of protection and moving onward. Three delicate diamonds on the arrowhead symbolize our past, present and future. The lower four beads on the double chain represent the four directions, the four seasons, the four cycles within life and the four aspects to our wellbeing, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, which are the foundations within the medicine wheel. The Medicine Wheel, which has been incorporated into the Matriarch Movement logo, represents the interconnectivity of everyone and everything.

“Vision is important, but it’s the people that support you and help create something meaningful, that makes an impact,” says Shayla, who founded the Matriarch Movement, “I am thankful to cross paths with Chau and make the vision of this golden arrowhead necklace come to life. It interweaves teachings that mean a lot to me, my identity as an Indigenous woman and the Matriarch Movement.” —Vita Daily


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