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A Sizzling New Colour For Our Favourite Cooking Pan

April 13, 2021

The cult classic and widely Instagrammed Always Pan from Our Place launched today a hot new colour, terracotta.

Our Place co-founder Shiza Shahid shares her inspiration for the new hue: “In my childhood, I visited the archeological digs of the Indus Valley Civilization in Pakistan, one of the earliest civilizations. I was in awe of their terracotta cooking vessels—thousands of years old and in a striking palette of burnt orange hues. I understood then all that cooking represents: our intellect, creativity, identity and soul. Growing food in the earth and transforming it through cooking is a uniquely and universally human experience. When I see this Terracotta Always Pan, I am reminded of all the ways in which home-cooking connects us across traditions and through time.”

Famously designed for everything, the Always Pan replaces eight traditional pieces of cookware perfect for the at-home chef. It can braise, sear, steam, strain, sauté ,fry and boil, plus is eye-catching enough to serve directly from. Inspired by baked earth and rooted in the love of making food by hand, Terracotta is similar to the Our Place best-selling colour, Spice, with more of an earthy clay tone. We’re digging it! —Vita Daily



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