5 Best Creams For Kids’ Dry Hands

May 4, 2021

It’s been a rough year for hands—so much hand-washing and sanitizing has wreaked havoc on our skin. And it’s been especially tough on children, with schools and daycares enforcing disinfecting. If your kids have dry, itchy hands, try these creams to offer them some handy TLC. —Jennifer Cox

The eczema soothing therapy cream from the Honest Company ($14) provides long-lasting moisturizing for itchy, irritated skin. It’s made with the gentle power of prebiotics, soothing colloidal oatmeal and lots of love for your child’s delicate hands.

Hello Bello’s Kid’s Body Lotion ($13) is made with yummy ingredients such as coconut and marshmallow root, plus aloe extracts, to give littles super soft skin. It’s naturally non-greasy and leaves even the most sensitive skin feeling soft and soothed.

Dr. Teal’s Sleep Lotion ($16 through Walmart) is a lightweight body lotion that combines shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E to nourish and renew skin. Plus, the addition of melatonin, lavender and chamomile essential oils help promote a better night’s sleep.

Weleda’s Hydrating Lotion ($24) is a natural moisturizer that is lightly scented and uber-refreshing for little hands. It helps to balance and regulate skin’s natural moisture levels to maintain hydration.

The Shea Baby Lovely & Gentle Moisturizing Milk from L’Occitane ($39) has a light formula that helps nourish and protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier while respecting your child’s delicate skin, so it’s soft and soothed.


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