Mom-fluencer: Bethany Menzel

May 10, 2021

This May, we’re honouring motherhood by chatting with some of our favourite mom bloggers, influencers and content creators about the highs, the lows and the many moments in-between. Below, read our Q&A with Bethany Menzel. —Vita Daily

Photo by Elissa Crowe Photography

Hi Bethany! How do you use your platform to impact other moms—and parents—who follow you?

Just sharing the daily activities, struggles and musings of life as a mom thorugh Instagram has opened up so many conversations with other moms that never I would have otherwise had the chance to connect with. We shared quite openly through my blog about our journey of losing our 10-day-old daughter six years ago. I still regularly recieve messages from mother’s grieving a loss about how it imapcted them and that specificaly has been a very special connection.

What’s your personal-style/beauty mantra?

I think I’d have to say just finding what makes you feel the most like you and sticking to that. I think a confident woman is the most beautiful and that comes from feeling comfortable with yourself.

What would the Mother’s Day of your fantasies be? And what, in reality, does Mother’s Day usually look like at your house?

The biggest treat for me on Mother’s Day is good weather and not having to make breakfast! I like to spend the day with my family but Dad is the go-to parent. You want a snack, ask Dad. Your sibling hit you, talk to Dad. Mama is off-duty.

Did motherhood come easy to you, or were there challenges (if so, any in particular you’d like to share)?

I was excited to have babies when I was pretty young; I was ready to be a mom and even though I had absoutely no clue what to do with a newborn and it was so crazy hard, it was what I wanted to be doing.

The best thing about being a mom? The hardest thing?

It’s so rewarding to see your kids do almost everything haha! Life is never boring, and I have become a far more selfless person. The hardest thing in this current stage we’re at is often feeling like my time is not my own since they are so aware of everything we do, say, listen to, watch and have opinions on it all.

What’s your top Mother’s Day gift pick? Why do you love it?

I’m so excited that my 24/7 collection of gold jewelry with True Curated Designs launched this past month because it is so perfectly designed for Mother’s Day gifts. I designed these pieces with my own lifestyle in mind and they are also pieces that will last to pass on to the next generation, so I think they make a pretty special gift for any mom.

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