5 Ways To Support New Parents During The Pandemic

May 12, 2021

Welcoming home a baby is one of the most exciting moments of a parent’s life. There is usually a parade of friends and family willing to step in and lend a helping hand—but with the ongoing restrictions across Canada, new parents lack the support they would typically have in those early months. While we can’t physically be there to help new parents welcome their bundle of joy, there are still some easy ways we can support them while following the provincial health guidelines. —Maggie Bettinson, GM, Canada, Owlet Baby Care

stock their freezer. When bringing home baby for the first time, there’s so much excitement that sometimes eating healthy is the last thing on a parent’s mind. Dropping off freezer-friendly containers of nutritious, homemade food is a simple act that will go a long way toward keeping new parents well-fed and happy. Frozen meals will allow mom and dad to focus more of their time and energy on baby, rather than in the kitchen.

fur babies need love, too. Bringing home a newborn can be overwhelming for both parents and fur babies. Offering to walk the dog or look after the dog for a few nights can help alleviate some of the added pressures during this time of transition, and ensure that the family pet is getting the attention they deserve.

the gift that keeps on giving. Treat parents to a subscription box service for the first few months to give them a little something special to look forward to. Whether they’re into smoothies, wellness, or reading—there is a subscription box service out there for everyone.

get out in the garden. Help ease the load of yard work by mowing the lawn, weeding or gardening. Bring in some help to spruce up the backyard or do it yourself, but just make sure you check with the parents first and plan it around the baby’s sleep schedule.

give the gift of peace of mind. Reach out and ask what tangible things you can do to help reduce stress. Baby monitors like the Owlet Smart Sock will help track baby’s oxygen level and heart rate while they sleep, so parents can rest well with peace of mind.


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