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Designer Approved Tips for Better Bedroom Ambiance

June 2, 2021

With so much of our time spent in our bedrooms, we’ve come to the realization that lighting is of utmost importance to achieving the right mood and conditions for whatever we happen to be doing, from getting ready for work in the morning to folding laundry to finding a restful reprieve from the family. We asked interior designer Amanda Evans to weigh in with her top tricks to nailing the perfect bedroom ambiance through lighting. —Vita Daily

Bedroom Lighting Dos

incorporate layers. Layers of light are critical in a bedroom; meaning having overhead general lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting can make all the difference and are necessary if you use your bedroom for different tasks. 

consider dimmers. When designing a bedroom—whether its new construction or a renovation – we always add recessed pot lighting on a dimmer. This layer of light is great for general lighting when you are getting dressed, tidying up or other everyday tasks. When dimmed, this overhead lighting illuminates the fabrics, textures and finishes the room with a nice soft glow when you want to relax. 

do you need decorative lamps? The answer is yes. A beautiful table lamp or wall sconce over the nightstand serves as a decorative piece, but also as ambient lighting that is perfect for nighttime when you want to unwind with a good book. 

Bedroom Lighting Don’ts

the rule of one. The biggest mistake one can make in the bedroom is relying on one center ceiling fixture to accomplish all of the above. Always add layers with table lamps, recessed lighting and something decorative. 

have the wrong bed height? Buying a mattress and box spring plus the metal frame can position the bed way too high off the ground, which affects the amount of light received. The optimal height for the mattress off the floor is between 24” and 26”, which should be aligned with your nightstands.

don’t ignore window coverings. Proper window coverings can greatly affect sleep quality. It’s best to have blackout drapery, but even well-lined drapery will help reduce the natural light in the room leading to a better night’s sleep.



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