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Sharpen Your Knife Skills With These Tips

June 4, 2021

Michael Gettis, Canada’s top serial entrepreneur, is taking on all things kitchen with his new company, Kilne Cookware. With his past success founding Endy Sleep, he knows the benefits customers receive from a direct-to-consumer model, providing high-quality goods without the retail markup. Now, he’s bringing that mentality from the bedroom to the kitchen with the launch of the award-winning Kilne knife set. We tapped Michael for his top tips on how to keep the knives in your kitchen sharp. (Top pro tip: Kilne knives make a terrific Father’s Day gift!) —Noa Nichol

do your research. Knives are an important investment so look for ones made with quality steel. Cheaper knives will need to be sharpened more often, with better knives you can maintain them with the honing steel for a number of years.

storage counts! Organizing your knives properly helps them stay sharp. Keep your knives on a magnetic wall strip or in a handy storage block, like our Kilne knife block.

have good cleaning technique. While most knives are dishwasher safe, they will last longer and stay sharper if you hand wash gently under running water and dry with a soft cloth.

when you do need to sharpen your knives make sure you use a quality sharpener with the right type whether coarse or fine. Quality knives only need to use the fine setting don’t need to be sharped as often if they are cared for properly.

use the right knife for each job. Check out this video that demonstrates great chopping and sharpening tips.



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