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Choose Plastic-Free Beauty This Month

July 6, 2021

July is international plastic-free month, and the beauty industry is offering some game-changing options. The mission of this month is to reduce our plastic consumption by making conscious choices and finding alternatives, and hopefully not just for a month but for good. Here are some of our new favourites. —Catherine Dunwoody

Everist’s waterless shampoo and conditioner launched earlier this year, in recyclable aluminum tubes ($28 each). The carbon-neutral brand created 100 per cent plant-based cream-textured concentrates that are activated by the water in your shower.

The Clean Deo
 by Beautycounter, launched in January, is a long-lasting, refillable and recyclable deodorant without aluminum that also cut its water, fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emissions by 47 per cent in production. Available in coconut, lavender or rose ($37; refills are $24).

EcoTools’ 360 Ultimate Travel Brush kit ($20) is cruelty-free, made from hemp and stored in a reusable canvas bag, plus the packaging is completely biodegradable when placed in the compost. We love the new Dissolvable Brush Cleansing Sheets ($13), too; a non-toxic formula comes housed in a 100 per cent plastic-free packaging.

Dr. Bronner’s Spearmint All-One Toothpaste ($7) is packaged in tubes made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, 33 per cent of which is bio-based plastic made from sugarcane—a more sustainable alternative to virgin petroleum-based plastics. Plus, the entire package, including tube, cap, and box, is designed to be entirely recyclable.

InfiniteMIST, launching July 8, brings together innovative technology, sustainable packaging and natural ingredients in a chic continuous sprayer paired with unique-to-market plastic-free carton refills. With three targeted hair products—Puff.ME volumizer, Gloss.ME shine and heat protectant, and Bounce.ME curl enhancer—this new favourite of the summer, made by Canadian brand DesignMe, offers performance-driven formulas in an easy-to-use container for the most sought-after styling results in seconds.


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