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5 Home Office Essentials For The (Still) WFH Parent

August 30, 2021

The kids are going back to school next week—in person! Even though weekday mornings may get a tad crazier getting everyone out the door, parents are still thinking to themselves “hallelujah”. For the first time, in months, homes will feel a little emptier and, for the parent who is still working from home, that means getting some extra quiet time. And to celebrate a newly embraced post-pandemic back-to-school season, why not treat yourself to some home-office décor essentials that are suitable for any space-savvy, working environment. —Mia Germanski

Aloe vera plants from Costa Nursey ($5 each, sold through Rona) not only look great aesthetically anywhere but also have indoor air purifying benefits. There’s nothing wrong about creating a healthy environment around the workspace and even if your desk is actually the dining table, place them back in the middle at the end of the day to make a great centrepiece.

If your dining table has been turned into a multi-functional environment, why not invest in host and hostess chairs like the LIDA model from Structube ($299). Not everyone likes to plug an office chair into their dining room and these chairs are both wonderfully stylist to add the right accent to your next weekend dining experience while being comfy enough to work in throughout the week.  

Books like Vanity Fair 100 Years: From the Jazz Age to Our Age (sold through Amazon.ca) create extra height when working from our laptops and can then be easily placed back on our coffee tables for some extra living room pizazz. If you have little ones, best to keep them in a safe place where they won’t get ripped apart (accidentally, of course).

Even though many are not planning to go back into the office anytime soon, a trendy pencil case like Indigo’s Ultimate Marble Office Pouch ($11) will make anyone who is an organization enthusiast very happy. It has just enough space to store your day-to-day writing essentials plus they are made of vegan leather.

Latitude Run’s cotton thread baskets ($42, sold through Wayfair) are perfect for storing all the items you used around your working area at the end of the day. Made of cotton and foldable rope, it’s durable to store quite bit and the perfect neutral tone to blend within your home-office-space.


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