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Beaucoup La Petite Lune Mooncake

September 7, 2021

When we celebrate the moon and Chang’e on the Mid-Autumn Festival, the story of the little prince and the rose on asteroid B-612 is also worth remembering.

The two very special stars “cross paths” this fall thanks to Vancouver’s Beaucoup Bakery and brother-sister duo Jacky and Betty Hung, who decided to come up with a traditional Chinese mooncake set inspired by the adventures of the classic book, The Little Prince, for the first time. Three mini mooncakes each featuring a unique flavour—brown butter sweet potato with roasted pecan marzipan; vanilla rice pudding with pistachio marzipan; and raspberry currant cheesecake—are baked with a golden buttery crust and custom stamped with artistic Chinese floral flourishes and designs. The Mid-Autumn Festival collection also includes two shareable tiny tarts: mango sago pomelo (The Prince) and jasmine strawberry tarts (The Fox).

The Little Prince is one of our favourite childhood books, and our mooncakes are definitely inspired by his fanciful adventures. It’s something I’ve personally made for our family for years, and I’m so glad we can now offer it to our guests,” Betty explains. Hoping to make this a new tradition at Beaucoup Bakery, she promises to bring back more creative, delicious mooncakes every year.

La Petite Lune Mid-Autumn Festival collection comes in three special packages: The Little Moons ($20 per pack, $34 for 2 packs) includes three mini mooncakes of each flavour; The Prince and the Fox ($20) includes two tarts; and La Little Mooncakes gift box ($55) comes with all five mooncakes and tarts. The collection can be pre-order online now and for pick-up from September 10 to 21. —Louisa Chan



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