Celebrate Fall Flavours With This Smoked Pear Vodka Punch

September 14, 2021

From crisp piles of red and yellow leaves to vibrant orange pumpkin patches, there is no shortage of picturesque autumn views to marvel in as the seasons change. For any budding or pro mixologist, this season is also marked by Canada’s fall harvest, which brings a new variety of ingredients to choose from to make the perfect picturesque fall cocktail. As you look to cosy up at home for another season of intimate or virtual gatherings, try your hand at a simple-to-make, elevated cocktail made with a truly authentic Canadian spirit, Northern Keep Vodka. —Vita Daily

Smoked Pear Vodka Punch

4 oz. Northern Keep Vodka
1 oz. Islay Peated Scotch
5 oz. pear nectar
1.5 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
3 oz. honey syrup*
4 thyme leaves, slightly smoked

Fill a mixing glass with ice and add all your ingredients. Give this a good stir before straining the punch into a separate pitcher. Keep this refrigerated (covered) before use. When serving the cocktail, pour over fresh ice and add a sprig of thyme that’s been slightly smoked. *To make the honey syrup, combine 1-part honey with 1-part boiled water and stir until dissolved. Wait for the syrup to come to room temperature before use.


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