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Benjamin Moore’s Colour Of The Year 2022 Has Been Revealed

October 15, 2021

On October 13, Benjamin Moore announced the Colour of the Year 2022, October Mist. We chatted with colour and design expert Sharon Grech to find out more. —Vita Daily

Hi Sharon! Tell us what it is, and why it is the perfect hue for the present time?

October Mist is a soft, silvery green that like the stem of a flower, supports an abundance of diverse colours from the palest of pastels to bold, high chroma hues and everything in between. It is the perfect colour to help us embrace and celebrate individuality and creativity. Green overall as a colour family is the most balanced and stable which feels right for these times with all the dichotomies. We are yearning for common ground, but we also want to express our uniqueness, our individuality. We need some nurturing and comfort but we also want to play and explore and have moments of escape! From a colour perspective, the green colour family feels like the right choice, in that it provides balance and stability, but also pairs perfectly with other colours allowing for so much personalization. As we worked with October Mist, it quickly became clear that this colour creates that canvas for experimentation and encourages the use of colour in our homes.

How do you recommend we use this colour in our homes/offices/personal spaces?

October Mist easily transitions from soft and dreamy to nurturing and even invigorating which makes it an adaptable choice for any room. It can be used as a connecter colour on walls that flow from room to room as it has a neutral quality that brings harmony to other colours. It can serve as a backdrop on all 4 walls in any room allowing other colours, patterns and textures to come to the forefront. It can be painted on furniture, kitchen cabinets, ceilings in addition to walls.

What colours does the Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year 2022 combine well with?

October Mist combines well with most other colours. Our 2022 Trend Collection includes a total of 14 colours that we feel allow for multiple unique combinations to suit many moods, styles and spaces. Within the 2022 palette we have several other greens to choose from or to combine together for a calming, monochromatic scheme. We also included a refreshed trio of primaries, on the bold side, some soft frothy pastels for a whimsical feel as well as earthy neutrals that feel rooted and organic.

Any colour combos to avoid? Any additional “colour” to add?

Our overall palette for 2022 is incredibly flexible which makes each colour appropriate for any room in the house. We hope this collection encourages people to play with colour and explore their own combinations as they focus on a particular room or even just a particular area or corner in their home where they can create a personal retreat.



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