Hot Shop: Feel Good

November 3, 2021

Opening in a pandemic might not be ideal for most businesses, but Vancouver’s Feel Good was born during lockdown to fill a need.

Head coach/founder Oll Farrell was yearning for in-person interactions as other fitness studios closed or moved online, so he offered a simple solution: outdoor classes rain or shine. Rooted in the belief that fitness should focus on your health from the inside-out and is suitable for all, the classes are centred on full-body interval training focused on core engagement and increasing your heart rate and overall strength. With a passion for community, Feel Good also organized a summer sports day featuring classic events like a sack race and tug-of-war.

Not feeling an outdoor class at Empire Field? This new fitness concept has just moved into the Ellis Building to keep you moving and grooving indoors so you can Feel Good every day. —Vicki Duong

Feel Good, 1024 Main St., Vancouver, B.C.,


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