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Wear Shayla Stonechild’s Arrowhead Pendant With Pride

November 16, 2021

The second limited-edition collection from Paris Jewellers and Indigenous advocate, Shayla Stonechild, launches today in support of the Matriarch Movement. With the goal of amplifying Indigenous voices, the collection includes pieces featuring an arrowhead pendant in tribute to Shayla’s lineage. We chatted with Shayla and Paris Jewellers founder Chau Lui to learn more. —Noa Nichol

Shayla Stonechild

Please tell us a bit about this new collaboration between yourself and Paris Jewellers; what styles are on offer in the limited-edition range?

Tansi, hello! I am thrilled to launch my second collaboration with Paris Jewellers. This piece drew inspiration from my first golden arrowhead necklace that we created last year. This time, we wanted to create an earring set and matching silver necklace that would compliment the first collaboration or live on it’s own. The earrings are available in sterling silver or 10k gold. Both sets are interchangeable. You have the choice of rocking the silver or gold hoops with either. The arrowhead pendant is edgy with a daytime look or sleek and upscale for a night out. We designed the collaboration with all of our relatives in mind. It is for women, men, non-binary and two spirit wearers. It invokes a masculine feeling and feminine touch. I believe in a balance and integration of the sacred masculine and feminine energies within ourselves. When we embrace both, we can express a holistic worldview.

We hear there’s special personal meaning behind the arrowhead pendant; could you tell us about that?

The arrowhead pendant is a tribute to my lineage. My late grandfather, Ray Oulette, found an arrowhead in the backyard of my childhood home. He wore it as a necklace and I remember him wearing it all of the time. It symbolizes protection, strength, and vision. As we shift into 2022, we must remember that the healing and reconciling we’re trying to foster between our nations, communities and countries should be at the forefront. Relationship building should be based upon respect and reciprocity. War isn’t the goal.

How will proceeds from this launch help to support the Matriarch Movement?

Our first collaboration raised over $31,500 for the Matriarch Movement! Once again, 100 per cent of the net proceeds from this second collection will be donated to the Matriarch Movement. Last year, we were able to hire three new Indigenous women to the Matriarch Movement team. Their podcast has now featured over 32 Indigenous womens’ stories … all focused on wellness and the reclamation of power. Partnerships with brands like Paris Jewellers are setting a foundation for Matriarch Movement to begin the planning and production phase for their first virtual Indigenous wellness series set to launch in 2022.

Which piece from the collection will you personally be rocking on repeat this winter?!

Personally, I have already been mixing my sterling silver earrings with the gold arrowhead and vice versa. I love the gold hoops with the silver arrowhead and the way they look mixed together! Sometimes you can’t choose just one.

Chau Lui

Please tell us a bit about yourself and Paris Jewellers to start!

I am a mom of two girls, aged 9 and 7. I fell in love with this industry at a young age when I saw how jewelry can celebrate the moments in life, and the way that it can make you feel every time you put it on. Paris Jewellers is a Canadian-Vietnamese women-owned and operated jewelry company, with 23 stores across Canada, focused on community partnerships, supporting women and celebrating stories through jewelry. Originally from Vietnam; my sister and I first learned to speak English in Canada and are now spearheading the company with a 90 per cent women workforce. We created DWTS S29 Winner, Kaitlyn Bristowe’s exquisite 5.09 carat engagement ring. During the pandemic, we have raised over 100,000 meals for Food Banks Canada and almost $100,000 for various other charities.

This is the second collab between yourself and Shayla Stonechild; why is the partnership between the two of you such a perfect fit?

As a company that is 90 per cent women, we are passionate about women who are brave in sharing their story and their authentic selves. Shayla’s bravery in sharing her story, has given us the courage to share ours, and through this we have had the opportunity to connect with so many people. I believe that everyone can make a difference, and even if that difference is with one person, that is how we start to make a positive impact in our world.

In creating the new range, how did you and Shayla work together to settle on the different designs?

Working with Shayla for almost a year now, I have come to really learn her style and how she wears her jewelry. We wanted to create pieces that she would love to wear every day, and that we believed our customers would connect with. The styles are versatile, on-trend, and timeless; you can pair with other pieces in your jewelry wardrobe.

Why is this such an important collection, and what does it mean to you? What do you hope to achieve with this collaboration launch?

It is such an important collection because of what it represents; to amplify Indigenous voices. Creating space for those who have been silenced for far too long to reclaim their power and tell their stories in their own voices. Our first collection raised $31,500, and 100 per cent of the net proceeds from the second collection will once again be donated to the Matriarch Movement.

Which piece from the collection will you personally rocking on repeat this winter?!

I love the gold earrings, I will be wearing the hoop every day with my original Shayla necklace! And the new silver necklace is the piece that my husband loves and will be wearing every day!


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