Check Out This B.C. Artist’s Work On Your Next Purolator Box Delivery

November 17, 2021

Your holiday deliveries just got an artistic upgrade (and a local one, too!). This year B.C. artist Tierney Milne was selected to participate in Purolator’s 2021 holiday boxes campaign. Tierney was commissioned to create a limited-edition box that Canadians could use to ship packages to their loved ones this holiday season. Purolator plans to moves 54 million packages (an increase of 10 per cent over 2020), and Tierney could not be more excited that Canadians may find the designed box under their tree. We chatted with Tierney to find out more. —Noa Nichol

Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

My name is Tierney Milne and I’m an artist and muralist in Vancouver. I spend my time working with clients to make super bright, playfully geometric compositions that speak to the inner child in all of us.

How did it feel to be commissioned to participate in Purolator’s 2021 holiday boxes campaign?

It is such an honour! I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to represent B.C. and to have crafted artwork that will be experienced by so many over the holidays.

What made this project a perfect fit for you?

The theme of this year’s campaign is Light Up The Holidays and it really inspired me as I have so many vivid childhood memories of driving around the North Shore in search of Christmas lights displays and taking wintery walks out to Lighthouse Park with my family. I feel like I had some perfect material to draw upon to bring the project to life in a way that felt special to me.

What did you create for Purolator? What was the inspo behind your work?

I designed artwork for Purolator’s B.C. Holiday Boxes inspired by our beautiful coast and all of the winter memories made by exploring it through the holidays. I was really inspired by bold, geometric wrapping-paper designs and envisioning the boxes as something that would look beautifully patterned sitting under a tree. My goal was for the artwork to look fun and inviting from a distance, with plenty of easter eggs and smaller details to explore up close. I’m really inspired by memories of exploring B.C. winterscapes with my family, especially seeking out the tower at Lighthouse Park, learning about the local plants and animals as we would explore.

When it comes to holiday shipping, are you an early sender or a last-minute scrambler?

I have delusions every year that I will be an early sender, but honestly I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m 1,000 per cent a last-minute scrambler (apologies in advance to my family out East!).

Who will you be shipping a gift to this year?

I have a lot of family in Montreal, and I’ll be sending my brother and his family a huge load of packages for sure.


  1. Elaine Thomas

    November 20th, 2021 at 9:53 am

    Congratulations to Tierney!

    Love the design!!

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