Holiday Influencer: Cara Jourdan Clare

December 1, 2021

Our featured influencer this month is Cara Jourdan Clare, who is one of Vancouver’s OG social media stars. Read all about Cara below, and watch for more fabulous influencer insights in the coming months! —Vita Daily

Hi Cara! Tell us about you and what do you do!

I have been working as a full-time blogger (I say “blogger” because I started before Instagram existed, when we all really just had blogs/websites!) since 2012, living in Vancouver while travelling the world to create fun content to share on my media outlets. Before getting into blogging I worked as a fashion buyer for Secret Location in Vancouver and, way back, went to the University of Victoria and graduated with a women’s studies degree.

How do you use your platform to impact those who follow you?

I strive to create content that is inspiring and happy as I know social media can be a tough place sometimes; even for a grownup who works in the industry, it can be intimidating and harsh, so I try to create fun imagery and share a little bit about my background or experiences when I feel it is really necessary to speak up (women’s rights are always a big one for me, or even smaller issues like feeling the pressures of always looking perfect. I struggle with acne, and have shared a few of my experiences with that just to let people know, not all is what it seems online!). I hope to inspire my audience to follow their dreams and to take risks. I remember leaving my job to pursue blog- ging full time and, while it was so scary (it was so new at the time, my friends and family, I think, were a bit nervous!), I am so grateful now to be running my own business and that I am excited for Mondays and to go to work. I want that for everyone, and encourage all readers to work hard toward whatever goal they want to achieve, be it work, a family, a trip, a new activity—all dreams are happy and we should all have the freedom and opportunity to go for it.

What’s your personal style mantra?

Comfort is key! When you are comfortable, you can be confident in your outfit. If those shoes only work for you to sit in, if you already want to hem a dress before you leave the store or if you are always adjusting that top, skip it. I also believe that you don’t always have to follow the trends; I discovered Levi’s wedgie fit straight jeans and love the way they feel and fit my body, so I have about four pairs that I rotate through and, no matter what, I always feel confident when I wear them. If there is a piece that makes you feel amazing, wear the heck out of it!

It’s Christmas! Are you a holly jolly junkie?

I absolutely love the holidays! Decorating the tree is always a special moment for me. I have wonderful memories doing it with my family as a child and, now, memories with my family (husband, step-daughter and baby on the way!) that just make me so happy. Watching good old holiday movies and, of course, getting a chance to visit with family are all just the most fun things about this time of year, for me. Oh, and the food. We can’t forget about the food! Turkey and stuffing, Baileys and coffee, chocolate and pie—bring it on baby!

Do you have favourite gifts to give?

I actually try to make lists for my loved ones throughout the year so I’m not scrambling at Christmastime. My fave gifts to give are those that someone mentioned or wanted but never bought for themselves. I also love sending Christmas cards; gifts don’t always have to be extravagant to be meaningful, that’s for sure. One of my favourite gifts I have given recently was to my husband: I bought a pack of cards and wrote a reason why I loved him on each one to make 52 reasons of love. Another great tradition that we have started is getting one new tree ornament that represents that year for us, and adding it to the tree. It is the little things for me!

What’s on your wish list this year?

I just moved into a new space and am pregnant, so my wish list is very grown-up, with lots of housewares and baby items filling it up!

Follow Cara on Instagram. Photos by Paige Owen.


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