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The Pelican Club Can Help With Your Luxe Travel Plans, Even During The Pandemic

December 19, 2021

Travel, including luxury and adventure travel, certainly looks different today to two years ago, but people are still hungering to see the world. Enter The Pelican Club, a travel concierge that specialises in creating unique experiences, bespoke travel planning and curating luxury lifestyles abroad, through a changing travel landscape. We chatted with founders Jennica and Jamsheed to learn more. —Vita Daily

Hi Jennica and Jamsheed! Please tell us a bit about yourselves to start.

We met in Switzerland studying at Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne and have since spent well over a decade perfecting our industry knowledge and growing our vast network by travelling and working in many parts of the world. Jennica, originally Swedish and raised in London, spent her time working at multiple five-star hotels across Europe and the Caribbean, with some of her most memorable moments spent at Claridges London, and Hotel de Russie in Rome. Jamsheed was born in Bombay, grew up in Toronto, and spent almost a decade learning the ins and outs of exceptional service and luxury hotels with Four Seasons in London. Following this, he consulted on a variety of hospitality projects and continues as an independent consultant with EHL Advisory Services.

When and why did you launch The Pelican Club? What niche were/are you aiming to fill?

While travelling the world just before the pandemic began, we recognized a need for greater personalization and higher standards of customer service in the luxury travel planning space. We founded The Pelican Club to exceed the service standard.

What services/products do you currently offer?

As we have a membership model, our members are affluent, luxury consumers. We work with a large variety of people from multi-generational families, to athletes, celebrities and corporate executives. Individuals of all ages who are busy and understand the value of appointing professionals to manage what’s most important; their time off. Generally all our clients are vetted by us and have one thing in common, they want to travel well and appreciate the convenience and luxury of enjoying every second of their time rather than having to worry about what to do, book or plan next. At The Pelican Club we only do bespoke trips and experiences and carefully manage the finest details to make sure everything is flawless. We focus on making sure your experience is the best it can be.

We all know travel looks different these days; what do you see as being some of the top 2022 pandemic travel trends and new openings?

Two of the biggest trends we’re seeing is interest in destinations off the beaten path that can accommodate group travel and a growing interest in health and wellness retreats. The last few years have been taxing and our members are increasingly keen on opportunities to rest and recharge. Openings we are most excited about include Joali Being in the Maldives, Maybourne Riviera, Rosewood Guanahani (St. Barths), Four Seasons Napa Valley and One & Only Mandarina (Mexico).

In your pro opinion, what are some of the safest trips to plan as new variants emerge?

The safest trips to plan are most definitely stay-cations or exploring your own country. When considering travelling abroad, to be cautious, focusing on trips that keep you away from crowds or tourist sites is key. Booking trips to areas that are more remote or private villas rather than the traditional big hotels.

How have {luxury} travel habits forever changed?

We believe they have changed in two main areas. One is “being prepared” for all the different obstacles, possible changes, restrictions, requirements and the scenario in the destination. Travel during the pandemic has taught us that it is important to stay informed and be flexible to change. We do this for our clients. The other attitude change is embracing the moment, “carpe diem,” and regardless of the fear or possibility of change in requirements, last minute trips to far flung destinations have become more popular. Previously clients would plan safaris or adventure trips months or even years in advance. Now clients are ready to go when the opportunity arises, essentially seizing the moment.

Where are luxury consumers flocking to, and why?

Luxury consumers haven’t changed their habits as much but they are increasingly open to spending more for privacy, to fly private and to get private experiences. Families are looking for larger villas or properties where they can spend time together while also having a high level of service. We have seen a very large uptake on trips throughout the Caribbean from our Canadian clients as the isalnds are not too far from home and good for seclusion and sunshine.

What do members say they love most about The Pelican Club?

The most consistent piece of positive feedback we receive from our members is their appreciation of our attention to detail and customized approach. We can truly make any travel dream happen. We’ve arranged everything from a private charter and personalized sailing instruction on an America’s Cup yacht to a meet and kick-about with a Real Madrid player at the stadium, to organizing a private meeting and tasting with Massimo Bottura (chef of the best restaurant in the world, Osteria Francescana in Modena).

Final, personal question: what safe travel adventure is next on your bucket list?!

We are headed to the beautiful Taylor River Lodge in Colorado in early January, followed by a few weeks in the Caribbean in February. However our bucket list trip is to head back to Kenya and Tanzania for a safari holiday to see some of the amazing newly opened lodges. It has been a while since we were last in the bush and although quite a journey away, it feels safer to be in nature than in cities to us. Especially if we have it all to ourselves.


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