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Meet The Face Changing The Face Of Factoring

December 22, 2021

As 2021 comes to an end, it feels like the ideal time to acknowledge the accomplishments and success stories of Canadians and businesses over the past year, a year which has been anything but typical! One such business and executive who has knocked it out of the park is CEO Loren Shifrin of Revolution Capital. Revolution Capital is now Canada’s number one factoring and cashflow company, and one of the fastest growing in North America!

Revolution Capital has funded more than $3B to approximately 1,000 companies in the past year alone, helping them build their businesses with much needed capital. The company has also acquired ten businesses in the past two years leveraging Loren’s successful mergers and acquisitions skills. And while others in Loren’s industry have struggled throughout the pandemic, he has doubled Revolution Capital’s business and continued to hire throughout. 

All of this under the age of 35 with two small children!  

It’s a remarkable success story! And it’s just beginning. But what is factoring you may ask? Factoring has become a key part of growth strategies for small and medium-sized business with large payables and delayed receivables. Essentially, it means you sell your receivables for immediate access to cash flow, without any restrictions that a traditional lender might impose.

“Once the restraint between receivables and payables is removed, companies are only limited by their ability to sell, and that’s when the real potential is unlocked,” says Shifrin.

Even the success stories from companies using Revolution Capital are remarkable. For example, Loren helped the staffing agency Arrow Group grow their revenue from $30M to $400M in just three years, making them the largest staffing agency in the country now.  

Factoring is also an ideal stepping stone for companies looking to graduate to banks as there’s no lengthy approval process and companies receive immediate access to capital. “This way, they don’t have to float large amounts of cash and can focus on negotiating better rates, attracting more business, hiring, reinvesting in infrastructure etc.” addS Shifrin.

One of the most appealing things about Shifrin is his honesty, integrity and commitment to service which has propelled Revolution Capital to Canada’s biggest and best.  He prioritizes people over profit too, just ask any of his +100 employees.

If you want to know if factoring is right for you, contact Loren or his team at


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