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Top Kitchen Design Trends For 2022

January 12, 2022

With a new year come new trends that shape how we approach style and design over the next 12 months. Canadian cabinetry manufacturer AyA Kitchens has released its 2022 Trend Report, carefully crafted and curated by its innovative team of designers. Expecting to continue to spend more time at home, this year’s top trends aim to create a stylish and efficient life at home, and are rooted in reflecting a shift in values that prioritize comfort and sustainability. Check out the top trends in kitchen design for 2022 below. —Vita Daily

natural surroundings. In 2022, you can expect to see the trend of returning to natural wood continue to gain popularity. The white kitchen is still a favourite, however, warm toned woods such as maple, cherry, oak and walnut with lighter stains showcasing beautiful wood grains are gaining traction. Whether featured throughout the kitchen or as accents, natural, warm feeling designs are on the rise.

custom crafted for comfort. As we continue to spend more time at home, we naturally want our spaces to be as comfortable as possible. This has led to a more customized approach of design, with a demand for fully custom kitchens. One size fits all is no longer an option.

the ins and outs. Over the last two years, working from home has become the norm for many of us. While 2021 saw a trend in home offices, 2022 will see a rise in coffee stations. This coffee revolution has created a super functional cabinet which is beautiful both in the opened or closed position. Picking the right technology means customers can have the cabinet doors inside or outside of the cabinetry. Efficient and creative cabinetry creates the perfect spot to get your quick caffeine pick me up any time of the day.

sustainable quality. More than ever, homeowners want to build a healthy environment with quality materials. Over the past 20 years AyA has been on the forefront of green design, with most recently a transition to all water-based finishes and partnering with the University of Toronto on a Phytoremediation project on their property. AyA Kitchens is proud to announce that they are taking their commitment one giant leap forward with the commencement of a new solar project that will see 1,000-plus solar panels installed on its manufacturing facility rooftop. Sustainability is longer just a goal, it’s an obligation.

farmhouse fusion. While modern kitchens have been the popular go-to for the past decade, we are seeing the farmhouse style edging into many kitchen spaces. Creating a nostalgic cosy atmosphere is on the top of many designer’s minds. Homeowners are adding country comfort touches with transitional flair.



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