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How To Create A Home Office When You Don’t Have The Space

January 19, 2022

While we struggle to return to a new-normal, it’s apparent that working from home is becoming a permanent part of how jobs are done. For some that is a blessing, for others a curse. For many of us, we’ve run out of space—what to do if your home doesn’t have room for a productive working environment? This year, the National Home Show is partnering with DIY and renovation veterans Jordan Spear and Mark Rason for advice on creating a workable home office when you desperately need one, but don’t have space to spare. Here are their tips. —Vita Daily

choose the right location. Chances are, there are plenty of little nooks and crannies all over your house where you can create your at-home office. Choose a spot that provides you with enough space to work, good internet connection, allows yourself some privacy and is away from tempting distractions.

pick the right lighting. Make sure you have enough light. If you can be around natural light, it is the best way to prevent strain on your eyes and ensure productivity. If natural light isn’t possible, invest in some proper lamps and lighting fixtures.

think about ergonomics. Sitting all day in front of a computer seems like a recipe for a bad posture. If you can, splurge on an ergonomically friendly chair that will support you for long hours of sitting in the same spot but also provides comfort.

colour scheming. When selecting furniture for your home office don’t forget to take colour scheme into consideration. Selecting a colour palette that matches your home’s overall esthetic will help ensure your office better integrates into your floor plan, something that is even more important for open or small spaces. Treat your home office like any other room in your home—this will ensure you love “where” you work.

keep it clean. Once you have your home office space all set up, it’s important to keep it clean and organized. If your workspace becomes cluttered, it can be distracting and decrease productivity, especially if you can see your desk from other rooms of the house. To help separate your work and home life, look for furniture that stores up easily and can hide messy paperwork.



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