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Vancouver: Get Your Gyozas To Go!

January 28, 2022

Starting February 1, Aburi Restaurants Canada is further expanding its successful “grocerant” Aburi To-Go concept at its Gyoza Bar location on Vancouver’s West Pender Street, and transforming the restaurant into a fast-casual take-out and delivery only destination.

“Since the start of the pandemic, Aburi Restaurants Canada has created several new ways for guests to easily access gourmet, chef-made meals, as well as unique Japanese-imported and local goods,” explains Seigo Nakamura, Founder and CEO of Aburi Restaurants Canada. “We’ve definitely seen an uptake and appetite for restaurant-quality grab-n-go items, frozen meal kits, and hot food items in the past year with Aburi At Home and Aburi To-Go. We’re now taking it a step further by turning Gyoza Bar into a fast-casual take-out and delivery-only spot, all while providing guests with even more Aburi To-Go options and the same level of service they have come to know.”

In fact, according to a recent U.S. study by Mintel, consumers are looking for more frozen and prepared meals, with “hearty comfort food” at the top with 44 per cent, followed by “restaurant-branded” meals at 37 per cent and “gourmet items” at 36 per cent. In that same report, it says, “Canadians expect elevated meal experiences” and “want what they prepare to be simple”.

To that end, you can order Gyoza Bar’s ramen and gyoza offerings to take home or for delivery, as well as Aburi To-Go’s numerous, easy-to-make meal kits, from ramen for four, miso baked salmon, to beef yakiniku, and plant-based Japanese curry. Other notable and popular items include MAM Chazukes (Japanese instant soup) and specialty OKAKI (traditional gluten-free Japanese rice crackers), imported straight from Japan. Don’t want to go? There will be a standing section for guests who want to enjoy quick ramen or their take-out inside after re-launch. In Japan, a popular way of eating is called “tachigui,” where customers enjoy a time-efficient meal while standing up.

More good news: the Aburi To-Go brand is growing still, and will open its first Aburi Market in West Vancouver later this year! —Vita Daily



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