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3 Magic Ingredients For Starting A Successful Side Hustle

February 1, 2022

During Covid, a huge number of people have opened up to the possibilities for meaningful work available to them. Some of these shifts have come from circumstances of necessity (shout out to musicians and yoga teachers) and some because we’ve had more time away from the rat race to make a plan for what we actually want to do. One thing’s for sure, this world needs our gifts now more than ever; so, if there’s a dream or an offer you feel called to bring to the world, now’s the time! Here are three simple foundation-building practices for a successful side hustle, and two communities to support your success.

know your why. From branding experts to marketing agencies to business coaches, knowing your why is universally recognized as the foundation of a successful business. Knowing your why extends beyond the desire to make money or have a certain lifestyle. It’s reflective of the impact you want to make in the lives of others. Here’s a really great “know your why” exercise from business coach, Ariana Fotinakis: “Think about what you want to do or create, and ask yourself, ‘Why is this important to me?’ When you have an answer, ask yourself again, ‘Why is THIS important to me?’ Keep asking ‘why’ until you get to the root of your vision.” Write this down, and re-visit it every couple of months to ensure it holds up.

receive aligned guidance. As a solopreneur, you won’t have a team when you’re starting out, and let’s be honest: friends and family don’t always give the best support. This is where doing the inner work to tap into your own strengths and intuition is key. Of course, this will look different for everyone, and could include hiring a business mentor and/or receiving spiritual guidance to help you move through insecurities and emotional barriers. Modalities like Hypnotherapy, BodyIntuitive, or getting an Akashic Records Reading offer powerful support for breaking through barriers and getting aligned.

adapt a quantum mindset. The key to dreaming big is to NOT get bogged down in details. As Ariana explains, “Simply imagine what you want to create, the impact you desire to have, and how you want to feel as you run this new business. Then, begin journaling the traits and qualities you embody that allow you to live out this dream.” Do you have to tap into unshakable levels of confidence? Cultivate the safety to let yourself be seen? Stop scrolling on Instagram until midnight?

And finally, one of the fastest ways to support yourself is with a strong community of like-minded people who want you to succeed. Here are two we’d recommend:

  • The 5D Business Collective is an online community for conscious souls stepping into the world of entrepreneurship. With monthly online gatherings and workshops, a library of business-building resources, and a private community to learn together with, 5D is a supportive container for both new and established soulpreneurs. 
  • The Elevation Experience is a monthly mastermind and membership community that serves as a community of support and inspiration to help women claim the business they desire. Each month, they offer workshops on topics like Crypto Investing and Feminine Wealth, monthly breathwork circles, and opportunities to work through ideas and challenges.

Whatever your spiritual entrepreneurship dreams are, arming yourself with support and community will give you a big boost toward your goals. And, as we’ve found in our own journeys, cultivating intuition is key. This Intuition Test is a great place to start. Monica Krake

Written for VITA by Monica Krake, founder of Head + Heart, your guide to living aligned.


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