Celebrating Black History Month With Fitness

February 15, 2022

Continuing the celebration of Black History Month, we chatted with Peloton team member Kirsten Ferguson about how that community spreads support and love on and off the leaderboard every day, all year long! —Noa Nichol

Hi Kirsten! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start!

My name is Kirsten Ferguson and I am a new addition to the Peloton Tread team. I am originally from Danbury, CT, but moved to NYC to go to college. I went to college at the Fashion Institute of Technology but after a few internships I learned that fashion wasn’t for me and turned my eyes to sports. I worked for the NFL in sponsorship marketing for seven years but after the Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime show, I realized I probably couldn’t top that! After stepping away from the NFL, I realized that I wanted to chase after another dream of mine and that was to become a mother. I then went on a pretty long fertility journey that was filled with some heartaches but through my pain, I fell in love with fitness. I found healing and peace in fitness because it was something I could control at a time in my life where there were so many things that I couldn’t. But through the darkness comes light and I did become a mother. I am the proud mama bear to Eden (6) and Emery (5). They are the loves of my life and my why every day. While loving being a mom and staying home with them, I felt that I still had more to give to the world. So I took my newfound passion of fitness and turned it into my career. I became a cycling instructor at a pretty large gym in New Jersey and loved every minute of it. After two years of teaching, our world was rocked by Covid-19 and we all went into lock down. While home with Covid, I felt something inside of me that still wanted to provide a place of hope and healing for our community so pulled out my Peloton Bike (I’ve been a member since 2015) and began teaching cycling classes on Instagram LIVE. A few months later, I got the best call of my life—to join this incredible Peloton team.

We’ve always wondered: how does one become a Peloton instructor, and what’s the best part of the job?

Like I mentioned above, I was teaching on IG Live and was found by one of Peloton’s casting directors. I then went through several auditions (both online and in person) and interviews before I was offered the job. I also truly believe in the power of manifestation. In January of 2020, on my VISION board I wrote on a post-it note that I wanted to be a Peloton Instructor. So you could imagine the shock I felt when Peloton reached out to me via Instagram. You never know the possibilities if you don’t speak them out loud! There are so many amazing parts of this job but one that is dear to my heart is that every day I get to show up to my job and inspire and motivate someone to find their true potential through fitness. To witness lives transform through movement and my words blows my mind every time.

We understand that Peloton is celebrating its Black Members during Black History Month; can you tell us a bit about some of the themed classes you may be involved with, or the special apparel collection that’s being launched?

Black History month is truly a special time here at Peloton. We have such a diverse membership and to see us all come together and celebrate Black history is special. This year has truly been a celebration as our theme was The Block Party and that is what we have been doing all month, partying! I was able to teach a very special Outdoor BHM Black Power Walk where I shared my story of dealing with bullying and identity as a young bi-racial girl. I left a piece of my heart in that class so make sure you check it out and all of the amazing BHM Block Party content! We also have some amazing artist series happening this month and I am so excited to be teaching a Mary J Blige-themed class!

In addition, we love the Access to Fitness initiative, through which Peloton is committing to make fitness more accessible for all. How does something like this impact, in particular, the Black community?

That is one of the things I love about Peloton is its commitment to accessibility for health and wellness for all. Research has shown that one of the key barriers to wellness faced by racially marginalized communities is access to a safe place to work out and I love that Peloton is making a commitment to change that. I also look at our diverse group of instructors and I just smile because people from the black community can see themselves on our platform. They can find an instructor that they can relate to. It is really beautiful to see.

Is there a Black Member that you’d love to give a shout out to/recognize at this time, as part of the Peloton community?  

The Black Girl Magic community is incredible. The way they show up for themselves and all of our members is beautiful. They support and lift each other up and I am SOOO here for it!

Back quickly to the apparel drop; is there a piece in particular that you’ll be rocking all month long, and beyond?  

Oh my gosh, this month’s apparel drop has been amazing! I love the all black set that was designed by Erwin Hines, it is one of my favourites.


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