6 Fun March Break Activities For The Family

March 1, 2022

As winter comes to an end, anxious students count down the days until the most glorious week—MARCH BREAK! Have you ever wanted to be an undercover spy, hear some Shakespeare in the park or see a Capybara with your own eyes? In Canada, there’s no shortage of creative and fun activities, outdoor and indoor, to enjoy the last month of winter. Here are six of our faves. —Vita Daily

visit a museum or gallery. A break from school doesn’t mean the kids need to stop learning. Museums, events, and even aquariums can be a great way to stimulate your mind and deliver entertainment to everyone. Who says learning is boring? Check with your local museum or community centres to see what they are offering. Local museums often have discounted programs during school vacation periods.

play outdoors. Stay active this March Break by choosing an activity like skating, skiing, or snowboarding with your family and friends. Outdoor activities are a great and fun way to get active and make time for a little exercise. When you’re done, nothing brings people closer together than a treat. Reward yourself and those around you with a scoop of that crazy flavour you’ve never tried. Turn to creative culinary alchemists like Baskin-Robbins, whose culinary team has worked overtime to propose flavours to please every palate. In the spotlight this month: Irish Cream Crunch. Who can say no to that—especially with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner?

go hiking. Now that the snow is letting up (we’ve always appreciated the maxim mind over matter), head out for a walk or spend an hour at the local park. Bring along a book and some hot chocolate. If you’re the foodie type, pack a small picnic and snacks to make this walk whet your appetite and satisfy it, too.

movie moments. March can sometimes get a little gray and rainy. If that’s the case, take advantage by taking the family out for a movie. March is a great time for movie goers as there are usually lots of new family-friendly releases. Now is your chance to grab some buttery popcorn and not worry when some of it ends up on the floor.

host a pamper party. Turn your home into a spa with mini mani/pedis for all. A spa day at home can be as simple as popping on a sheet mask or investing in some Epsom salt to throw in your bath. Relax and unwind.

sugar shack. Nothing says springtime like going to the sugar shack. Bring the family for an all-day breakfast or brunch. A sugar shack meal is no small affair, and you have to be belly ready fully to indulge in a rich, delicious meal that will leave you feeling absolutely satisfied. There are many maple syrup farms that offer family-friendly activities like horse and carriage riding or feeding the animals on the farm.


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