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How To Introduce St. Paddy’s Day Charm to Your Home this Spring

March 17, 2022

With spring, St. Patrick’s Day and Earth Month on our minds, we asked Benjamin Moore colour marketing expert Sharon Grech to give us the goods on getting more green into our home décor. —Vita Daily

What are your top tips for bringing greens into our home (décor/interior wise)?

There are so many ways to bring green into our homes, especially during spring when we can literally start bringing some of the outdoors indoors with simple arrangements of fresh greens. Painting walls in a lush green brings a year-round nature inspired backdrop to any space—I especially love green in a “work from home space” as it brings balance and helps to support focus and productivity. Painting furniture in versatile green can make a subtle statement or even a bold one depending on the intensity.

Any advice around what green goes with what room?

Green is such a versatile hue in general and the palette of greens I selected has such variety that I truly feel any one can be used in any room! In general, I see the majority of people looking to light and mid-tone wall colours for their public, open spaces such as living rooms and thoroughfares reserving deep, or vibrant tones for more intimate spaces like bedrooms, dining and bath. Another great way to add some green into a room is on the ceiling or with a creative two-toned effect on the wall with a darker shade on the lower portion and lighter above.

What are some of your fave green hues for spring 2022?

My fave greens for spring 2022 are on opposite ends of the scale! I’ve always loved the coziness of an earthy, mossy green like Gloucester Sage but the tranquility of Smoky Green with its gentle blend of blue, green and gray also appeals to me. In fact I think they would pair wonderfully in a room.

What are your personal favourite things about spring?

I love those first days when I realize I don’t need to do up my jacket or wear gloves … it feels so liberating!



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