It’s Time to Get in an #OrangeStateofMind With Florida Orange Juice

March 17, 2022

It’s been an especially long winter. Frigid temperatures aside, the challenges of a global pandemic have made the last few months (er, make that years) feel extra dreary. But, with lockdowns and restrictions slowly, and safely, easing, and warmer weather finally in sight, it’s time to shift perspectives, to celebrate life’s simple pleasures, and to raise a glass as we progress toward our best lives during this recovery phase, and beyond.

Enter Florida Orange Juice—The Original Wellness Drink, made with the juice of Florida Oranges, containing no added sugars and providing essential nutrients that contribute to good health. Chock full of the good stuff, including vitamin C, potassium, folate, thiamin and, in fortified options, calcium and vitamin D, research shows Florida Orange Juice and its nutrients have many benefits, and may help support the health of the heart, brain, our bones, respiratory system and immune system, and reduce inflammation. Not to mention, Florida Orange Juice is the quintessential breakfast/brunch drink (present at all our morning meals), a perfect companion with water for post-workout hydration and a generally sunny sip that always puts big smiles on our faces!

All that said, we think Florida Orange Juice is the perfect glass to raise to a better year and more positive times ahead. Cheers to an #OrangeStateofMind! —Vita Daily

For more information please visit: This article is sponsored by The Florida Department of Citrus.


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