4 Hair Trends That Are Bang-On!

April 19, 2022

Bangs are back and better than ever, but not just regular across-the-brow bangs. No, 2022 is all about putting a unique spin on the style of your bangs, whether they are long, short, or angled. Just remember: having bangs is a commitment. There is some maintenance involved, such as regular trims to achieve the look you want. But, in the end, you’ll love sporting such a posh ‘do. Here are some of the top bang trends you’ll see adorning the runways and filling your social media feeds. —Jennifer Cox

bottleneck or curtain bangs. Just as the name suggests, bottleneck or curtain bangs are narrow at the top and cascade wider as they move down your face. For those who love long, flowing hair, these types of bangs are grown out to offer a more natural look. They are a great way to frame that beautiful face of yours, and as far as bangs go, they require very little maintenance as they follow the natural part of your hair.

wispy bangs. While some suit thicker bangs, lighter wispy bangs are “in” for 2022. This airy take on the fringe haircut is lightly feathered and can be especially flattering for those who have longer, more oval-shaped faces. These bangs require minimal upkeep and offer much more styling versatility.

micro bangs. Essentially the opposite of curtain-style bangs, this cut is all about very short and bluntly chopped bangs. Usually only one to two inches long, they can really help to soften the features of your face. And, when kept chunky and evenly, they can make a big visual impact.

side bangs. Get sweepin’! These bangs are much longer and can be swept across your forehead and tucked behind an ear or can be fastened with a clip. They’re less of a commitment than shorter traditional bangs, and can be a great to dip your toes in the bang pool if you’re not yet ready to fully commit. And the great news is, they complement almost all face shapes.


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