Actress Marja Harmon Talks Hamilton

May 3, 2022

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver will host much-awaited performances of Broadway Across Canada’s Hamilton from May 24 to June 19. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony and Grammy award-winning musical is a must-see this spring. We sat down with Marja Harmon, who plays Angelica Schuyler, to chat about her excitement around touring and visiting Vancouver for the first time. —Catherine Dunwoody

Marja! We’re so excited to see you perform here in Vancouver. Where is home for you?

Thanks! I’m from Indiana.

Have you toured with Hamilton in the U.S. prior to the Canadian tour? Have you played Angelica before?

Yes, I’ve been with the And Peggy company since 2019 when it began in Puerto Rico. We were then in San Francisco for a year pre-pandemic and resumed our tour July 2021.

What are you most excited about in touring Canada? Will you have time to get to know Vancouver? Anything you plan to do and see?

This will be my first time in Vancouver, and I can’t wait to take in the food and culture scene and experience the gorgeous topography. 

How is it playing Angelica? What do you love about it?

I really enjoy playing with her choice of duty versus desire. Her loyalty and commitment to seeing her sister’s happiness stops her from seeking her own. She makes incredible sacrifices for her family, but throughout the show deals with the constant “what if”? So much of her journey in the show is so bittersweet. Her intelligence and forward thinking are exceptional. She was ahead of her time and didn’t let her gender stop her from being highly influential. She used her charm and status to gain access to the great minds of that time. Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin corresponded with her regularly and sought her counsel.

What are the challenges in playing her?

“Satisfied” is one of the most challenging and rewarding moments of the show for me. There has never been a more difficult song to sing and act while rapping (laughs). In my opinion it’s a showstopper and an incredible insight into the mind of such a strong character.


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