May Content Creator: Jillian Lansky

May 3, 2022

Our featured content creator this month is Jillian Lansky, whose ever-evolving and always-stunning style philosophy continues to inspire us—as does her candid honesty around parenthood. Read all about Jillian below, and watch for more influencer insights in the coming months! —Vita Daily

Hi Jillian! Tell us a little bit about you and what do you do.

I am a content creator or “influencer,” if you will, at The August Diaries. I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years now, and it is my full time job. I dislike the word “influencer” because of its negative connotation; I think of myself more as someone who creates images and videos that are, hopefully, inspiring. I am incredibly active with my followers, especially on Instagram, as I think people often forget the “social” part of social media. I love connecting with people, whether it’s over a product recommendation or with a fellow mom who also struggled with baby sleep.

How do you use your platform to impact/inspire other moms—and parents, and people—who follow you?

I try to be as honest as possible about parenthood on my platform. I find that other parents and followers connect to that.There’s this perception, especially on social media, that motherhood is incredible, fun, and easy. It is incredible and fun, but it’s also a lot of other things that people don’t talk about. I wish that I had known more about the realities of parenting, mostly because I wouldn’t have felt like such a bad person/parent for not only feeling love and happiness with my newborn baby.

What’s your personal style/beauty mantra?

It’s changed a lot over the last year or so, with Covid and becoming a new mom. I keep it pretty simple and try to wear pieces that make me feel good. My beauty routine has also become more about self-care than looking a certain way. The reality is that I don’t wear makeup very often so, when I do, it’s more about making me feel beautiful than about projecting that to other people. It’s kind of a refreshing change. I’m not sure if it’s a culmination of becoming a mom and where we’re at with the environmental impact of fashion, but I’ve started buying a lot less. I’m not interested in very trendy pieces that I’ll only wear a few times. I want to invest in clothing that makes me feel good and that I’ll wear for a long time, whether that’s a statement investment coat or a vintage white T-shirt.

Did motherhood come easily to you, or were there challenges?

There were huge challenges for me. The first few months with Lachlan were really difficult as he was quite colicky and I was just struggling to keep my head above water. It was really helpful for other moms (my friends and people on social media) to let me know that it is normal to feel overwhelmed and that it does get better. Once the baby starts sleeping more regularly, and your body and mind recover from birth, it starts to get a bit easier.

The hardest thing about being a mom? The best thing?

The hardest thing is redefining yourself and your life. You are making room for this thing that takes up all your time, energy and love and it completely changes everything. You don’t really understand that until it actually happens. And then it’s hard to figure out your own new identity as a woman, friend, mother. The best thing is spending time and connecting with this wonderful tiny person, and watching them change and take in the world. It’s an overwhelming and wonderful feeling.

What would the Mother’s Day of your fantasies be? And what, in reality, will Mother’s Day likely look like at your house?

I would love to do something for myself and also spend time with my family: my son, and my own mom! It’s actually my first Mother’s Day as a mother, which is crazy to say. In reality, not everyone is around, as my mom will be travelling and my husband has to work. I’ll spend time with Lachlan, my sister and my dad, and maybe book myself a massage for the future!

Follow Jillian on Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and Pinterest.


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