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Dopamine Dressing: More Inspiration, Less Initimidation

May 5, 2022

Listen, I won’t lie to you all. When it comes to my closet diaries, I am someone who has been pretty dedicated to an all-black palette. Some days I get crazy and pepper in a neutral or two but let me assure you, it is hardly the norm. So when I first heard that Dopamine Dressing was a 2022 Pinterest Predicts trend in the fashion category, I was pretty nervous about how I was going to approach this.

Because while the colour palette has stayed the same, I genuinely love fashion trends. I love exploring my self-expression through fashion, but sometimes I just don’t know where to begin. And as we come out of a couple years exclusively in sweatpants and athleisurewear, I think I should really take this opportunity to explore the new world of colourful clothing.

So where to even begin? Well, lucky for me, I work at Pinterest and know that fashion inspiration is right at my fingertips. A quick search on Pinterest sparked a world of inspiration: colour blocking, mixing and matching patterns, pastel gradients—I quickly got the sense that dopamine dressing dares to be different but offers an opportunity to define just how much you want to lean into the trend.

Dopamine Dressing is all about leaning into every bold and bright colour of the rainbow, making it the most feel-good fashion trend of 2022. On Pinterest, searches for “neon party outfits” are up 8x, “rainbow dress women” is up 2x” and “orange blazer outfit” is up 2x showing that everyone is reaching for colour.

And seriously, on Pinterest there was no shortage of Creators who have leaned into this trend. Tracy Peart is a long-time dopamine dressing queen, and she shared her tips on how to try the trend in one of her latest Idea Pins. Spoiler: it’s not just about the clothes—you can flex your dopamine dressing skills with makeup and nail art! We love a low stakes entry point into something new! Are you getting the hint now that I’m not that big of a fashion risk-taker?! Baby steps or bust over here.

Willing to add a daring dash to your Dopamine Dressing? Experiment with prints and textures, like Liv Judd and this Idea Pin where she shows you three ways to wear patterns. After exploring some real world inspiration, the entire idea of dopamine dressing felt way less intimidating and much more attainable. With a renewed mindset toward exploring my sense of fashion and this latest trend, I am excited to step out of my comfort zone (both mentally and fashion-wise) and into a new era of style.

So colour? For spring? On me? Believe me when I say, it’s going to be GROUNDBREAKING. —Alexandra Nikolajev, Global Senior Lead, Creator Content and Partnerships at Pinterest

Methodology: Pinterest, search data, global, analysis period Oct 2019-Sep 2021


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