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Dermalist Face Time At Chi Spa

May 12, 2022

It’s no secret that our favourite spa in Vancouver is Chi at the Shangri-La Hotel. Now, there’s a new facial on offer that rolls relaxation and next-level results into one.

The 60-minute Dermalist Ageless facial ($250) features products by an Australian brand that’s at the forefront of the cosmeceutical industry making beautiful, scientifically active skincare. The treatment, in one of Chi’s superb private rooms, starts with a double cleanse using Dermalist’s Lactic Cleanser and its trademarked Skinwand—a tool that harnesses vibration technology to help release impurities from deep within the skin’s layers (it feels like tiny, magical fingers kneading your face). Next, a firm-yet-gentle pressure-point massage, also with the wand, to relax tension and improve lymphatic drainage. A chemical, physical and enzymatic exfoliant is then applied to remove dead skin-cell buildup; this product contains powerful actives (read: lactic, glycolic and mandelic acid, plus pomegranate enzyme), and it’s where you’ll really feel that signature tingle that says, it’s working! Finally, an aloe soothing collagen mask enriched with, plant extracts, peptides and hyaluronic acid enhances skin brightness and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

A lovely hydration massage on the arms and voila, you’re done! An hour always flies by too fast at Chi, but in the case of the facial, the results will last long after you leave the spa. —Noa Nichol


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