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Shay Mitchell Shares Health Hacks, Cocktail Recommendations & Tips for Hydrating from Within 

May 13, 2022

Shay Mitchell knows the importance of staying hydrated. In addition to being an actress, producer, entrepreneur and pop culture icon, Shay is mom to a toddler with another baby on the way. We chatted with this multi-tasking mama about her latest collaboration and how hydration is key in each role she plays. Shay shared how her new partnership with superior rehydration solution, Hydralyte, is keeping her wellness routine on track and setting a good example for her young daughter. —Jenn Wint

Hi Shay! Why is Hydralyte and this partnership a good fit for your lifestyle?

Hydralyte has been a game-changer for me. I was telling my best friend in Canada how much water I was drinking but that I wasn’t feeling satiated. No matter how much I drank, I wasn’t feeling hydrated. My friend recommended the Hydralyte packages she’d used since before her two daughters were born. I tried every flavor and first was impressed that every single one tasted amazing. Then I learned it provided four times the electrolytes and less sugar than sports drinks or coconut water and rehydrates faster than water alone. I felt so much better afterwards than just drinking water on its own. So, I was a fan first which is why this partnership is so amazing. I also find, in pregnancy, drinking water is so much more important because you’re hydrating your skin. We’re all loading up on coconut oil on your belly but it’s actually more important to hydrate from within.

Hydration is such a key part of a healthy lifestyle, especially in motherhood and postpartum. Do you have any rituals or habit hacks that help you remember to stay hydrated?

First thing is the flavour, Hydralyte is just so much more enjoyable than just water. I think that’s the biggest thing. I can honestly tell you that every single flavor is incredible. It’s not superficial, it tastes real. Right now I’m drinking strawberry lemonade. I also drink out of a glass tumbler with a straw. I’m a big advocate that having a straw makes it so much easier to consume more. That’s my major tip: get a bottle with a straw. It’s just easier.

What’s your favourite form of self-care?

Self-care can come in so many ways. It ranges from being able to FaceTime with your best friend for an hour, watching a reality show or going for a drive by yourself. Knowing what you need in that moment and then actually doing it without feeling guilty is self care. A lot of parents struggle with this but as long as your child is cared for appropriately, take some time. We all need to recharge. It’s crucial because when I feel my best, I can give my best and that’s all I want to give my kids

How do you model the importance of wellness and a healthy lifestyle for your daughter?

I think for her it’s seeing everything in moderation. I’m not too strict one way or the other. She’ll see me eat a pizza but then I follow it with a salad. She’ll see me eat ice cream, but just a scoop of it. I think demonstrating these healthy habits is important. We both drink Hydralyte, or she calls it, special water. She sees me stay hydrated throughout the entire day and has her own water bottle. It’s encouraging her to have the same kind of healthy habits. Everything in moderation has always been something that I love. That’s the same reason I started my tequila brand. Yes, I love to drink but then it’s also zero sugar and there’s all real flavors. It’s always been important to me to align myself with either brands or products that fit into my lifestyle.

Speaking of tequila; we know you’re pregnant but … any ideas for cocktail or mocktail recipes using Hydralyte? Is that a thing?

It’s gonna be a thing! But first, Hydralyte is a must after a night of drinking, before you go to sleep. For those who like to drink, ending the night with this as your beverage of choice is a great decision.  

Is there a particular flavour that would go best with your tequila?

All the flavours are really nice because they’re not overpowering but I think I would start with the orange!

We know that we have the best intentions of looking after ourselves and staying hydrated. But we also know that life, reality, kids get in the way. What’s the first sign your body gives you when you’re dehydrated?

I get dry mouth, which I despise! And then fogginess and I just feel sloppy. Also, when I’m not hydrated, I tend to eat more sugary foods because I think that’s what my body’s craving when actually it just needs to be rehydrated. Electrolytes help you curb that craving. I also notice dehydration in my skin, especially my stomach. I put a lot of like lotions on it, but I honestly feel hydration from within. That’s been the game changer for me. I feel the most hydrated in and out from what I’m actually drinking.

If you could give a tip to pregnant women, postpartum women, or just women in general, what’s one thing they can do to ensure that their body gets what it needs?

Listen to it! Listen to your body’s cues! When your mouth is dry, or you feel kind of sluggish, check in with yourself. You body is giving you clues. I think the same for cravings too, it’s not always burgers and doughnuts, just 50 per cent of the time for me right now (laughs) that your body needs. Listen to your body and actually hear what it’s trying to tell you. If you’re getting the sleep that you need and you are staying hydrated, and you’re making sure to get some nutrients in along with everything else, then you’re doing a good job.


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