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Jewelry That Helps Homeless Youth

May 24, 2022

We all want our fashion choices to make a statement so why not make a statement that’s good? With the rise of awareness regarding the harm that mass consumerism is causing the planet, it’s no wonder that more and more shoppers are using their purchasing power to make a difference. Kind Karma leverages the power of ethical fashion by employing at-risk and homeless youth in Toronto to handcraft fine jewelry that is both affordable and that gives back in many ways to not only their local community but the Canadian community at large.

Kind Karma provides an innovative art therapy-based employment model that is one-of-a kind in Canada. Most vulnerable youth struggle from mental and emotional health challenges that stem from childhood trauma, family conflict and even abuse which puts them in a unique situation that requires flexibility and understanding. Since a lack of education often qualifies them solely for entry level jobs, such as retail or service, the stress and anxiety of these positions often makes quitting almost inevitable. That’s why Kind Karma’s low barrier approach to employment creates a safe, healing and nurturing work environment that supports at-risk and homeless youth in their effort to further their education and pursue long-term employment.

With the emphasis on holistic improvement, many of the pieces in Kind Karma’s collection carry a deeper meaning that are meant to be worn as reminders as customers journey through life. For example, the Be Present necklace was designed as a reminder to slow down and be mindful of all moments in life, regardless of worries about past or future. The North Star Necklace draws on the inspiration of the north star as a guiding symbol and was meant to be worn as a reminder to stay true to yourself, your goals and values despite obstacles in your journey. Kind Karma also empowered their youth artisans to co-design pieces in the Artisan Series, a collection that combines the unique style, birthstones and favourite crystals of each artisan to create jewelry that celebrates their individuality.

Although their jewelry is affordable, Kind Karma does not compromise on quality. Each piece is made from gold-filled, sterling silver or 14KT gold and is water and fade resistant as well as hypoallergenic and nickel-free. In addition to this, Kind Karma aims to use recycled materials where possible such as in their collection of stacking rings that are handcrafted in recycled 925 sterling silver and 14KT solid gold. As an added bonus and to celebrate all body shapes, sizes and style preference, Kind Karma allows customers to order pieces in custom lengths at no additional cost so pieces fit each customer perfectly.

Kind Karma hopes to expand across Canada to help youth in every major city to further their impact among those that need it most so if you are looking for a way to both look good and do good, treat yourself to fine jewelry that also gives back.


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