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We Belong Here: Pinterest Cultivates A Sense Of Belonging For Pride

June 23, 2022

As the home of inspiration, Pinterest knows people can’t be inspired if they don’t feel represented or feel a sense of belonging. This year for Pride, Pinterest is deepening a sense of belonging among creators and Pinners because we believe Pinterest can be home to the most inspiring content and people. 

This month on Pinterest, you’ll find inspiration from Canadian LGBTQIA2S creators who are sharing what it means to belong in their communities: 

Creators are excited to be at the forefront of the conversation, sharing supportive content and creating a sense of belonging within the community. We’ve seen an increase in creator content around “lgbt support” up 4X and “lgbt community” up +59%. As someone who is an ally to my friends and family, seeing a 76% increase in “lgbt ally” searches continues to inspire me to educate myself and be mindful of how I can best show up for the community. 

Pinners also go to Pinterest to find a sense of belonging. Searches for “gender identity” have increased 55%, “genderfluid aesthetic” were 2X higher and “genderfluid flag” increased 50% in just the past year.

If you’re looking to support the community, Pinterest has curated brands and products available on Pinterest all LGBTQIA2S-owned. Fill your cart here!

I’ve learned so much from our creators and am grateful they feel seen and supported on the platform. It’s amazing to know that creators from all around the globe inspire audiences from the LGBTQIA2S community and beyond to share how they are celebrating Pride this year! We can all come together to cultivate a sense of belonging, foster creativity and celebrate Pride and throughout the year. —Alexandra Nikolajev, Global Senior Lead, Creator Content and Partnerships at Pinterest

*Pinterest internal search data; Global; April, 2022 to April, 2021


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