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Celebrate Fried Chicken Day With A Crois-Sando

June 29, 2022

Two of Vancouver’s most beloved culinary brands, Beaucoup Bakery and DL Chicken, are joining forces to create the ultimate Fried Chicken Day treat. Available only on July 6, the Fried Chicken Crois-Sando is the perfect combo of hot spices, buttery goodness and flakey pastry. On the surface, the pairing may seem like an odd couple, but chefs Betty Hung and Doug Stephen have ensured each bite will leave guests wanting more.

The Fried Chicken Crois-Sando ($16) is available starting from 11 a.m. until sold out on Wednesday, July 6, at three locations: DL Chicken OG, 905 Commercial Drive; DL Chicken UBC, 6065 University Boulevard; and a special pop-up manned by Stephen and team at Beaucoup Bakery, 2150 Fir Street. Beaucoup’s famous butter croissant serves as the base of the Crois-Sando. It has been transformed into a spicy version, featuring a custom DL medium spice, folded directly into the butter. There will also be a turbo run of Fear the Reaper croissants for those brave souls in need of extra heat. Sandwiched in-between the halved-croissant is DL’s famous fried chicken.

In addition to the Fried Chicken Crois-Sando, guests will also have the chance to snack on a limited-edition Sweet N Spicy Croissant ($5), featuring DL’s spice blend infused in pastry cream with schmaltz. It is then coated with reaper dust sugar and lightly torched. The Sweet N Spicy Croissant will only be available at Beaucoup Bakery on July 6.

Winner, winner, chicken … crois-sando! —Vita Daily



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