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Italian Paralympic Becomes A L’Oréal Paris Spokesperson

June 30, 2022

Cool news! L’Oréal Paris has signed on Bebe Vio Grandis, an Italian Paralympic, as their new International Spokesperson. Known for her can-do attitude, infectious positivity and strength of character, the Gen Z icon has not only won countless Paralympic awards, published two bestselling books and graced numerous magazines, she has rubbed shoulders with some of the most influential political leaders in the world. Upon meeting Barack Obama at his last state dinner in the White House, Bebe posted a now-infamous selfie with the comment; “Isn’t it impossible? I’m sorry Mr. President, I don’t understand those words.” Among the youngest faces of the brand, Bebe Vio Grandis has already resumed her place in the L’Oréal Paris hall of fame, blowing the minds of the audience at Le Défilé in 2021 and featuring in Italian campaigns for True Match Tinted Serum and Air Volume Mascara. And today, as an international spokesperson, Bebe Vio Grandis is about to inspire a whole new audience. We were honoured to chat with Bebe about her latest role! —Noa Nichol

Hi Bebe! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

I was born in Venice in 1997, I have a wonderful family with two siblings and in 2018 I moved to Rome to attend the John Cabot American University, studying communication, and to train. I love sport, in fact I started with gymnastic when I was five but then I changed to Fencing, because I wanted more competition. I was quite good and very soon I started dreaming the Olympic Games. Suddenly, when I was 11, I had a bad disease, because of which they had to amputate my four limbs, but my life hasn’t changed much. A year later we left hospitals and rehabilitation centers and I started practising sport again. I immediately fall in love with fencing again, so I started dreaming of the Paralympics.

Congratulations on being named L’Oréal Paris’ new International Spokesperson! How did this partnership come about, and what made it a perfect fit for you?

We started collaborating in Italy a few years ago and then I literally fell in love with the claim “Because we are worth it” and what it represents, so we decided to carry on this project together. I believe in the strength of women and I would like every woman to be aware of her beauty, importance and uniqueness.

From winning countless Paralympic awards to publishing two best- selling books to gracing numerous magazines, to what do you chalk about all of your incredible success? Any advice for staying positive and facing adversity head on, and with a smile?

I always do what I love and what I believe in. So I always give my all to reach the goals. But I never do it alone, I always do it as a team, with many other people who have the same ideals as me and we all fight together to achieve them. Alone you are nobody, together you can reach any goal, even if it may seem impossible.

You’ve rubbed shoulders with some very influential political leaders in the world. Who has been most memorable among these meetings, and why?

In 2016 I met Barak Obama, for his last official dinner at the White House, and was struck by his enormous charisma. Last year I spent time with the president of the European community, Ursula Von Der Layen, and I loved her very much. She is a very intelligent and prepared woman, with seven children! and I liked her a lot because she wanted me to tell her about me, my projects and what we are doing to promote social inclusion through sport. She was really interested and she never stopped asking me questions.

Back to makeup, we’ve loved seeing you in Italian campaigns for True Match Tinted Serum and Air Volume Mascara. How would you describe your own personal style/beauty mantra/philosophy?

I am very simple, in the morning I wash my face and then I apply the drops of Revitalift Filler Serum with hyaluronic acid, then some mascara and go … I have no secrets and I don’t use a lot of makeup, I don’t want to cover my scars with makeup, I just want to enhance them, because I like myself the way I am.

What does Bebe Vio Grandis’ daily routine look like?

In recent months I have been studying a lot, because in the last two years I have fallen behind with the exams due to the Paralympics. I would like to graduate by next summer, before the period of super-intensive training begins in view of Paris 2024. So I train only 2-3 hours in the morning, before or after classes, and I study in the afternoon.

What’s coming up next for you?!

For many years we have been carrying out many projects for the promotion of Paralympic sport and inclusion through sport. With our non- profit association, art4sport, we follow many disabled kids, supporting them to practice sport, and we follow many projects and events to achieve our goals: the Bebe Vio Academy, WEmbrace and fly2paris. After graduation and Paris 2024, I will have more time to dedicate myself to these projects and for my role as global ambassador of the Milan Cortina 2026 Paralympics.


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