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Heatless Hairstyles Are Taking Over This Summer

July 4, 2022

Summer is here and some stylish and fresh hair trends are already taking the Internet by storm. With warm weather and sun hitting us, we’d rather not add more heat to our hair and, thankfully, heatless hairstyles are in! With styles like Hailey Bieber’s signature baby braids, the arising colour blocking phenomena and, of course, the resurgence of timeless heatless curls we chatted with Chatters brand ambassador and celebrity hairstylist Cindy Duplantis to find out how to achieve the perfect heatless summer hairstyle from home, using a few different techniques. —Noa Nichol

Why are styles like Hailey Bieber’s signature baby braids, the arising colour blocking phenomena and the resurgence of timeless heatless curls styles so in right now?

Emerging from a two-plus year pandemic, we’re looking for ways to express ourselves in bold new ways—including fun, new styles with hair! We’re embracing styles that make a statement, but are also effortless and non-damaging. Enter the baby braids and heatless curls. Baby braids are a fast and easy way to add some texture and dimension to your hair in a pinch. Framing the braids around your face like our favourite Hailey Bieber, is also a great way to accentuate beautiful features like your cheekbones and jawline. Spray DRYBAR Southern Belle. Volume-Boosting Powder into the braids and pull apart slightly for a more textured, lived-in look. Heatless curls take a bit longer, but hot tip—do these overnight and let the magic happen while you sleep! Prepping your heatless curls while you catch your beauty sleep is the ultimate way to actually wake up like this without having to add in a heat protectant or bust out the curling iron. Make sure your style lasts all day long and add some extra hydration by applying MOROCCANOIL Hydrating Styling Cream to wet hair before wrapping your curls. As for colour blocking, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this trend and this won’t be the last! As with fashion, hair trends always come back around. Colour blocking is such a fun way to show self-expression and is typically always popular in the sunny summer months! Hot tip: colour blocking doesn’t have to be permanent. Try temporary colour depositing products such as MOROCCANOIL Color Depositing Mask Hibiscus, WELLA Color Fresh Mask Blue or CELEB LUXURY Viral Extreme Purple Colorwash to achieve the colour blocking look without the commitment.

In terms of heatless hair, what other hot styles can be achieved without any heat?

As we know, gorgeous crimped, beachy waves are also back in style for the summer heat. A great way to achieve this without using any hair tools is with braids! After washing your hair, braid it when wet—as much or as little as you’d like depending on the amount of wave you desire. Unravel the braids after your hair has dried, spray in some VIRTUE Texturizing Spray for extra volume & texture, run your fingers through the hair gently, and off you go!

When it comes to heatless curls, what are your top styling tips?

Heatless curls are great because they don’t take a lot of effort and your hair virtually does all the work! Although you’re not using any hair tools, my best styling tip to maintain this effortless look is to still incorporate the right products to make them last. I always recommend adding in a styling cream such as L’ANZA Healing Style Texture Cream prior to wrapping your curls and a light hold texture spray or hairspray such as the VERB Volume Dry Texture Spray or PUREOLOGY Soft Finish Hairspray when releasing them.

How about braids; what’s hot right now, and how do we get the look at home?

Braided trend this summer as seen at Paris Fashion Week with Celia and Dior, a play on the braided crown with sleek ballet style bun. To create this look, start with an exaggerated zigzag centre part (hot tip: this look is fantastic on washed and all textures of hair!). Once your part has been made, start on the left side, spray the hair from roots to end with REDKEN Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam for extra hold and to tame pesky flyaways; use LOMA Créme Pomade. Next, create an outer braid down to the back of the head and tie it with an elastic, leaving some loose hair out. Repeat on the other side. With both open ends, tie them together and twist them until you create a bun. Secure it with bobby pins and a finish using the KENRA Perfect Medium Spray 13 hair spray.


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