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3 Social Strategies To Accelerate Your Small Biz

July 7, 2022

It’s clear that in any business, social media plays an incredibly crucial role in accelerating online success. With over half of the world tuned into social networks (58.4 per cent) we can be sure that strategically using these platforms can directly impact awareness, traffic, and conversions. Whether you’re looking to jump start your side hustle, or gain insight on driving customers to your products or services, here are three social strategies to consider. —Angela Valentini

consistency is key. Showing up consistently across platforms is key to an effective social strategy. It’s important to be consistent with how often you’re posting across platforms, the type of content you’re sharing and engagement in your online community. Watch you reach soar & followers roll in when you start showing up consistently.

creating an engaged community through valuable content. Sharing unique content that breaks through the noise and resonates with your audience is essential to increasing reach and engagement. Tip: Dive into your insights to see what content is performing best and include more ‘hero’ content in future posts.

collaboration with brands or influencers. Collaborating with aligned influencers or brands through partnerships, gifting or giveaways is a great way to build credibility with a like-minded community and accelerate growth. Through opening your brand to these collaborations, you’ll extend your reach and tap into various audiences who will come back to your page eager to hear more.

Angela Valentini is founder and director of Valentini Group, a boutique social media agency in Toronto specializing in developing and executing effective social media strategies for brands that are ready to elevate their online presence.


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