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We’ve Got The 411 On The New Dyson Airwrap!

July 10, 2022

With Canadians finally able to get their hands on the new Dyson Airwrap multi-styler, we’ve asked Dyson reliability engineer Kate Craft to fill us in on what’s new with the next generation—and why we should upgrade. —Noa Nichol

We can’t wait to get our hands on the new Dyson Airwrap multi-styler! When does it launch, and what’s new with the next generation?

The new Dyson Airwrap multi-styler launched last month and there are so many new and reengineered attachments. We’ve refined our attachment technology to improve performance, provide more versatility and enhance the overall user experience. Each new attachment improves upon the original user experience with enhanced Coanda airflow for faster, easier and better styling. The latest machine features our next generation styling, which now you can use to create curls in either direction from just one barrel. Simply twist the cool tip on top to change the direction, making for a more seamless and faster styling experience. There’s also the new Coanda smoothing dryer, which replaced our rough dry attachment. The Coanda smoothing dryer attachment is a two-in-one that hides flyaways in a single pass with no extreme heat and then transforms into a powerful dryer at by simply twisting the cooling tip at the top. I suggest using the flyaway setting on cool to preserve your created style. The Soft and Firm smoothing brush attachments have been re-engineered with enhanced Coanda airflow to increase styling control. This was achieved by removing the centre row of bristles from the original design in favor of another vane of airflow. Sold as a separate attachment, we are introducing the Wide-tooth comb attachment for Airwrap. Engineered for curly and coily hair it helps to smooth, add shape, volume and length as it dries. The comb teeth are designed with soft curved tips to glide through the hair, with no sharp edges to catch, pull or cause damage. 

We hear that the new cool-tip barrels can switch direction from clockwise to counter-clockwise; what’s the benefit here? 

It’s all about efficiency! Rotating the cooling tip to change direction as opposed to swapping out the barrels makes achieving curls and waves faster and easier, with the added bonus of more versatility in the end-look. 

How does this tool limit heat and styling damage? 

In two parts. First, our goal was to reduce the reliance of heat to style hair and instead utilize air. We harnessed the power of the Coanda effect, which is the physical phenomenon when air propelled at the right speed and pressure, naturally follows an adjacent surface, entraining surrounding air and hair along with it. Our high-pressure Dyson digital motor pulls in air and pushes it out over the surfaces of the round barrels. The Coanda effect allows users to curl, wave, smooth and dry hair without the need for extreme heat. Each attachment works in the direction of the cuticle, drying and smoothing as it goes. Second, is our intelligent heat, the Airwrap’s glass bead thermistor measures the temperature over 40 times a second to ensure you are never exceeding the heat setting you selected. 

Is this tool more streamlined/smaller than the original? How so? 

Our intent all along for the Airwrap was to streamline a range of hair and styling tools into one machine. Since its launch in 2018, we have worked to make the Airwrap style faster, more versatile and easier to use. Like all designs at Dyson, we test, refine, and test again to make sure we are delivering the best products to our customers. The new Dyson Airwrap multi-styler has the same base as the original and now caters to more hair types and styles through the refined attachment technologies. We are dedicated to understanding all aspects of hair science—hair damage, hair styles and hair types. Everything we learn informs our engineering decisions. Each new attachment improves upon the original user experience with enhanced Coanda airflow for faster, easier and better styling. 

What about energy use? 

The Dyson Airwrap multi-syler uses a maximum of 1300W in use. 

Have colourways changed or been added? 

Yes, we’ve introduced the Fuchsia/Nickel and Copper/Nickel colourways! 

What about those of us who currently own an Airwrap? How do we upgrade? 

We certainly kept this in mind, our re-engineered attachments are fully compatible with the original Dyson Airwrap. So, if you have the older generation, you can purchase the new and reengineered attachments. This will be coming to Canada in the fall. 

What’s next for the Airwrap? 

At Dyson we are relentlessly dissatisfied, and Dyson engineers continue to challenge their own design. We are constantly striving to deliver a better experience across all our Dyson technology and the Dyson Airwrap multi-styler is no exception. So, you’ll just have to wait and see!


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