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5 Ways To Recharge Your Energy This Summer

July 14, 2022

It is hard to imagine summertime without the feelings of celebration and rejuvenation. Summertime is what most people long for, especially if they live in an area that experiences long winters. Why do we collectively share similar feelings of celebrating, socializing, connecting and recharging? There must be something in the “air”? It is through my expertise and experience that there in fact is something in the air. Although it is unseen to the naked eye, energy surrounds us and guides our experiences. During the summer, the sun is closest to the earth, which brings prosperous crops, soils, growth, abundant sunshine and warm weather. In ancient times, summer was known as a time of abundance, full expression, celebrating the prosperous vegetation and wealth that the sun provides. This was a collective energy that each civilization experienced and is still experienced today. After a long stretch of more-stagnant energy during the months of November through March, it is no wonder we are long to recharge and ignite our inner and outer worlds. To make the most out of this time, here are five simple ways to recharge and replenish your energy this summer. —Natalie Kehren

sunbathing. One of the sun’s greatest gifts to us is its warming and nourishing rays. While you should be cautious about sun protection, carving out time to soak up some rays is one of the best things you can do to recharge your batteries. Almost literally. While the exposure to vitamin D can help release happy chemicals in your body, what most people don’t know is that the sun balances all the chakras or energy centres in your body. This leaves us feeling aligned, empowered, centred and with a feeling of expansion. This sets us up in the perfect position to head back into the fall/winter months.

local produce. With all the sun brings, one thing to rely on is the abundance of fruits and vegetables. Through the wintertime, the energy calls us to eat warm, cooked foods. It is the opposite in the summertime and here is why: raw fruits and vegetables (the ones your digestive system can handle) are not only good for your physical body, they provide life-force, also known as prana or qi energy, to the energetic body. This is because they are uncooked and in their natural form, coming right from mother nature herself, which is a source of life-force energy. So while you’re soaking up those rays, try to consume raw fruits and vegetables as well, especially local ones!

colour therapy. Have you ever walked in nature and felt mesmerized by its beauty? By its colour? There is a modality in holistic health that uses colour to heal people. It’s been around for centuries, and if you’ve intentionally experienced it, you know how powerful it is! You can intentionally seek out colour therapy through the environment around you. One way you can do this is by spending time in nature. Look around at the green trees, the blue skies, the colourful flowers, and the blue waters. The colour green has a healing frequency of soothing, calming, healing energy that connects and activates the heart centre bringing us into a more grounded, whole and present state. The colour blue connects us to our inner expression and authentic voice helping us to feel seen and heard. Just to name a couple!  

intentional connection. We often underestimate the value in connecting with people we enjoy being around. It’s magnetic and healing in so many ways. The energy of summer encourages us to connect with others who resonate in the same frequency as us. This is linked to the energy of celebration and expansion. Being around others helps amplify that feeling of extroversion and socialization that summer brings before the fall/winter months set in when we are called to a more inward experience. We connect, we celebrate with others, and we grow so much during the summer months, just like the crops that our connection and support to other people is something we crave/need. Just like the flowers blossom with many others, so do we.

moving your body. With so much expanded energy, you may feel you have some to spare! This is where moving your body in a way that feels great to you comes in. This can be in any form – walking, running, swimming, weight lifting, yoga, pilates, etc. The reason this is so vital right now is that as much as we are expanding, we are also subtly releasing other energies that no longer serve us. Old debris from the fall/winter months that gave us many lessons and insight, and are no longer needed to move forward towards our highest potentials. When we physically move our bodies, we energetically move this excess debris out of bodies. To amplify this experience, you can simply set an intention before you start your movement. An example is: “As I move my body, I release anything and everything that no longer serves or gets in my way from becoming my highest potential.” Say it in your head or out loud – it’s as easy as that!

Natalie Kehren is a Canadian holistic life coach and spiritual energy specialist whose mission is to help women unlock their true potential by finding their voices, facing their past and present traumas and clearing their inner debris in order to make the world a better place. After going through a healing journey of her own as a survivor of addictions and abusive relationships, Natalie merged her psychic abilities, experience as a certified natural health practitioner, Reiki Level 2, Sacred Women’s Circle Creatrix, spiritual director and passion for helping others into holistic life coaching. Natalie’s global reach has helped many women become the best version of themselves. She created a safe and supportive space for women, featuring a library of free guided meditations, a healing shop, one-on-one healing programs, psychic and energetic readings and more.


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