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The Wet Look

July 20, 2022

As seasons change from winter to summer, dryness and dullness can stress out our strands. We asked Lisa DeVito, national education lead at Pureology Canada, why it’s important to hydrate hair and keep it moisturized when the heat is on, and what steps should be taken to do so. —Noa Nichol

What makes Pureology a leader in helping to achieve and maintain healthy hair?

We are all about extraordinary colour care for beautiful hair! We have incredible patented and trademarked technologies that allow us to give you the best-quality products for your hair colour, such as our anti-fade complex, which focuses on ultimate colour protection and can be found in all Pureology products, from haircare to styling. As well, our zero-sulfate technology provides an ultimate cleanse without abrasion. Our signature aromatherapies are derived from organic plant botanicals that will give you a therapeutic spa-like experience every time you shower.

Why does our hair get duller and dryer as the seasons change?

The changes in weather can contribute to changes in your skin and your hair. Many of us may be switching up our skincare routines to address these changes in temperature—the same goes for your hair! We can experience things like dryness, frizz and breakage and, in the summer months, our hair is exposed to more sun, which can cause our colour to fade quicker.

What can we do to prevent or correct this?

A great place to start is to introduce a hydrating shampoo and conditioner into your routine to deeply hydrate and nourish the hair, as well as incorporate products that focus on colour and heat protection. And, of course, drink lots of water! Pureology’s Hydrate collection is here to bring softness, life, and manageability back to hair that is dry, dull and dehydrated. It is a great system to prepare your hair for those seasonal changes. With the patented anti-fade complex, it will protect your hair colour first and foremost and, secondary to that, will focus on deeply hydrating and softening the hair. For finer hair types, Pureology’s Hydrate Sheer system is a silicone-free option that provides lightweight conditioning to nourish fine, dry, colour-treated hair. This shampoo and conditioner contain key ingredients like jojoba, green tea and sage that will condition, moisturize, support healthy hair and revitalize. Like the original Hydrate Conditioner, the Hydrate Sheer Conditioner also contains a fragrance blend of mint, menthol and greens, providing a cooling and tingling sensation at the scalp that feels and smells super fresh!

Tips around creating a hair-quenching routine?

Begin your haircare routine with the Hydrate Sheer Shampoo and Conditioner duo; for an added boost of hydration try switching out your conditioner once a week for the Hydration Superfood Mask, which is a silicone-free treatment that will intensely nourish and soften hair with key ingredients like avocado oil and coconut oil and—bonus—smells like a vacation in a bottle (think pineapple, coconut and vanilla). Leave this on for five to 10 minutes and rinse out. To add some extra support to your hair colour and style finish off with the Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-in Spray with 21 benefits to prime, protect and perfect hair. With camelina, coconut and olive oils, it’s like a multi-vitamin for your hair. A must-have for me, this spray detangles, is your first defense against frizz, adds shine and softness and works as a UVA/UVB filter. A pro tip: spray onto damp hair and towel dry, then spray another layer and comb through.


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