A WonderBra-ful Way To Help Your Fave Charity

August 9, 2022

Oh, how we love an opportunity to give back—a concept that’s more important now than ever, we think. And WonderBra‘s new #ShareTheWonder campaign allows us all to do just that.

This summer, in the spirit of togetherness, the heritage brand is empowering Canadians to use their voice to impact, inspire and educate communities by submitting a Canadian charity or organization they care about; WonderBra will then select three and donate $10,000 toward each!

Though any Canadian charity that gives back/is implicated within a Canadian community is eligible, women are at the forefront of the #ShareTheWonder photo and video campaign. Models like Soraya Derhma, who supports causes related to domestic violence, and Memegwans Johnson-Owl, who endorses Indigenous youth and education, are two of the faces of this engaging campaign.

“We wanted to make sure our community chimed in, so we could give back to the causes that are important to them. We wanted #ShareTheWonder to be a collaboration with our community,” says Marianne Cobb, general manager at WonderBra. “Showcasing women who propel conversations about the causes dear to them came naturally for this campaign as we cared about reflecting the brand’s core values.”

Submissions can be made during the month of August, through WonderBra’s website or by commenting under the #ShareTheWonder post on their Facebook and Instagram channels. On top of the initial donation, the selected causes will receive an additional amount, equivalent to $1 for every share and every comment tagging a friend under their respective WonderBra’s social media post, up to a maximum of $4,000 for each charity.

What a WonderBra-ful way to give back! —Vita Daily


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