An Angel Of A Drink

August 12, 2022

Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon is not “returning” to Canada, but it is being made more widely available across the country. To celebrate the relaunch of this heavenly drink, we chatted with Angel Teta, national guardian of advocacy and brand culture, Angel’s Envy. Cheers! —Noa Nichol

Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

I’ve worked with Angel’s Envy for over a decade, having served as a lead guardian for the brand on the west coast before being appointed as Angel’s Envy’s first national brand ambassador in 2019 with the title of “National Guardian of Advocacy and Brand Culture.” In this role, I serve as a mentor, spokesperson and brand champion, overseeing and collaborating with fellow Whiskey Guardians as they engage and educate consumers around the world about Angel’s Envy and whiskey generally. And, most importantly, I also share a dram of Angel’s Envy with anyone and everyone who wants to taste it!

What is Angel’s Envy?

Angel’s Envy is a Louisville-based distiller that produces finished whiskeys. Founded in 2010, Angel’s Envy was among the first American whiskey producers to employ a secondary finishing process broadly across its portfolio. It continues to be a leader in this space, as each of our award-winning whiskeys are finished in hand-selected barrels to add a distinct layer of flavor and complexity. We believe that secondary finishing opens up exciting new opportunities to enhance and elevate bourbon to unexpected places. Our core offering, now available more widely across Canada, is Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Port Wine Barrels.

Why do you think there’s such hype around this bourbon?

I think we stand out for many reasons. Upon first glance, you notice the uniquely shaped bottle that is elegant but approachable. Then, at first sip, you taste the difference that our secondary finishing process brings to the whiskey–it meets the expectations of a Kentucky Bourbon, but then brings forward distinct and nuanced flavors of red fruit and rich baking spices from that secondary finish in ruby port barrels. As those flavors linger on the palette, our bourbon leaves a lasting impression that appeals to both established whiskey fans and those new to the category. Combine that with the efforts of our Whiskey Guardian team across the globe, as well as the unparalleled experience visitors get when visiting our distillery in downtown Louisville, and it’s hard not to love Angel’s Envy.

How do you like to drink this bourbon?

Personally, I am a huge fan of a Manhattan, but with a little twist–of lemon to be specific! Angel’s Envy is great to use in this classic cocktail because it’s finished in fortified wine barrels, so the flavors that the whiskey gets from those barrels marry perfectly with the Vermouth. I prefer it served over a large ice cube with a complex vermouth, like Martini Rubino Reserva. But I always say, drink it however you like it best–there’s no wrong way to enjoy our whiskey!

Any cocktail recipes we can try at home to celebrate that Angel’s Envy’s is now available across Canada?

Absolutely! I like to keep it simple at home and use as few tools as possible so I can enjoy my drink without having to clean up much. With all this sunshine we’ve been having lately, I’ve found this recipe to be refreshing and breezy, yet complex enough to keep things interesting.

Southern Spritz

30 ml Angel’s Envy Bourbon finished in Port Wine barrels
45 ml Italian Aperitivo, like Martini Fiero
60 ml well chilled Prosecco
60 ml well chilled club soda

Combine all into a large wine glass, add ice, and stir lightly. Garnish with an orange slice and enjoy!


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