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Hosting A Girls’ Night In

August 15, 2022

For many people, spending time with friends is one of their favourite things to do, and no wonder when you consider how good it is for your mental health to maintain connections with those closest to you. Whether you are stressed at work, tired from your family commitments or just want the chance to enjoy a chat with like-minded people, a night with the friends you love the most is a great way to give yourself a boost. A girls’ night in can be a great way to see friends and catch up in a relaxed and relaxing environment whether you want to have a raucous night with cocktails and dancing or a more sedate affair with dinner and the chance to chat. If you are hosting a girls’ night in and want to ensure that everyone has a good time, there are a few things you can do to make it extra fun.

hostess with the mostess. If you’re having people over and you have agreed to provide food and drink then make sure you have enough of everything to last the whole night. You don’t have to spend lots—you might want to ask your guests to bring a dish each for example—but running out of food or drinks can make a night in really drag. Choose extras that you know have a long shelf-life to minimise food waste while still ensuring that you have enough for everyone. If any of your guests has an allergy or intolerance, make sure you care for them by setting up an area that can be allergen-free.

prioritize comfort. Whether you have a small, compact home or a sprawling space for hosting in, you will need to ensure you have enough seating for all your guests, but you can be creative. You don’t have to cram more furniture in if you don’t have room, but camping chairs, beanbags, air beds or even piles of cushions can make practical and comfortable places for people to sit and chat over the course of the evening.

be prepared. When you’re hosting a night in with friends, they want to see you, not just the top of your head poking around a door or your back as you slave over the cooker. You don’t have to do everything ahead of time, but make sure you aren’t planning anything that means you will be stuck in the kitchen or organising everything while your friends have fun.

consider a theme. If you are gathering for a special event, like watching a sporting match. or celebrating a friend’s new job, then a theme can make it extra fun. You can make food in your favourite team’s colours, serve celebratory drinks to mark the particular occasion, or, if you are having a watch party, you can take inspiration from the on-screen action to make your night super relevant.

games & entertainment. If you want to go all in and organise entertainment for your guests, there are plenty of great ways to make your gathering go with a bang, such as:

  • Murder mystery: One of your friends will be assigned the role of victim, one will be the murderer and everyone else needs to work out who dunnit before the night is over. This is ideal for a girls’ night in as it gives you plenty to talk about and gives you something purely fun on which to focus your energies.
  • Poker night: Whether you play for pennies or make things a little more interesting, playing poker together allows friends to spot each other’s tells and gives you a chance to experience the elation of winning. You don’t even need to splash out on expensive chips or anything that you might not already have – you can play poker online for money and give your friends an authentic poker-playing experience from the comfort of your own home.
  • Fancy dress: Whether you have an outrageous dress sense or prefer to go unnoticed at work usually, your evening can be a great opportunity for you and your friends to express yourself through your clothing choices. From inflatable dinosaurs to more subtle puns, anyone can find their level with a fancy-dress night.
  • Destination: Making your night a celebration of a particular country can be a great way to make your night in special. You can choose food from the region, discover what the locals do in their free time or even organise a quiz to learn more about your chosen spot.
  • Tasting: Whether you want to try your hand at wine or whiskey tasting or prefer something a little more off-beat like chillis or ice cream flavours, giving your friends the chance to stimulate their taste buds can also make for a fun night. You can opt for an indulgent menu featuring only desserts, try a pairing menu with well-matched cheeses and wines, or make your own cocktails to see what taste sensations you can come up with yourselves.

A girls’ night in can be the most fun way to spend an evening and hosting one can be a great source of fun for everyone involved. Whether you’re hosting on a budget or wanting to push the boat out and spoil everyone with a lavish affair, there are plenty of ways to ensure that everyone has fun and make your night the talk of your social circle.


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