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6 Green & Blue Skincare Products 

August 31, 2022

It ain’t easy being green, or blue for that matter, but it is when you’re using these amazing skin products. They are specially designed to help repair damaged, tired skin and restore its natural pH levels for a complexion that’s smooth, clean and clear. Give your skin some R&R with these amazing green and blue skin products. —Jennifer Cox

Dry skin requires a rich product containing a higher ratio of oil to water, in order to create a light protective layer over the skin, delaying dehydration. Filaderme Emulsion from Laboratoires Embryolisse ($41) strengthens the skin barrier and immediately soothes the sensations of discomfort related to the dryness of the skin. Its 99 per cent formula of ingredients of natural origin provides the skin with the essential nutrients to replenish its protective lipid film.

The Phyto Corrective Essence Mist from Skinceuticals ($88) is a soothing botanical essence mist that hydrates and reduces visible redness due to dryness of the skin. Not only does it hydrate, soothe, and reduce visible skin redness due to dryness, it also strengthens the skin barrier in a hygienic, touchless format. 

Algenist’s Blue Algae Vitamin C Skinclarity Brightening Serum ($98, sold through Sephora Canada) is a daily Vitamin C brightening serum that visibly enhances radiance, evens tone, and reduces the appearance of discolouration, dark spots and pores. You’ll achieve noticeable improved skin clarity in only a few uses.

The Papaya and Pomegranate Enzyme Exfoliating Body Cleaner from Boscia ($55, sold through The Bay) is a gel-textured, energizing body cleanser that smooths, clarifies, and brightens for soft and healthy-looking skin. It also comes in a recyclable and squeezable easy-to-use bottle for a good, clean, fun experience.

Small is sometimes better, which is what you’ll discover from the Power Berry Serum from Paula’s Choice ($28). This magic potion is made from 95 per vcent natural ingredients and gives skin a healthy glow thanks to a potent combination of 13 different berries that have proven antioxidant powers.

L’Occitane’s popular Immortelle Precious line has a new, blue addition! Enriched Emulsion ($90) is a lightweight and milky formulation that includes the brand’s newest discovery, Immortelle Antioxidant Superbomb—a powerful blend of natural origin antioxidants that targets early signs of aging. Other star ingredients include hyaluronic acid, which acts like a big drink of water for your skin, and lentil extract to help minimize pores.


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