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Biotherm’s Blue Beauty Launch

September 1, 2022

Biotherm‘s biggest launch of the year has dropped, and it’s blue beautiful! The brand’s new Blue Retinol Resurface + Repair Night Serum reps a new generation of skincare that brings together the regenerative action of life plankton associated with pure retinol for amplified efficacy—a.k.a. what skincare dreams are made of! One hundred per cent of women who have used the latest Blue Retinol launch have seen reduced wrinkles in the form of crows feet, frown lines, forehead, smile lines and around eyes and the upper lip. The results? Improved skin quality for all! We chatted with Johanna Caron, global scientific communications expert for Biotherm, to learn more. —Noa Nichol

Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

I’m a scientist who fell in love with cosmetics during my studies when I started working on natural hair colourants. From hair to skin, from ingredients to formulation, I’m a Jack-of-all-trades who worked in a wide variety of research areas before starting at Biotherm a few years ago. I now dedicate my time to bridge science and communications, popularizing skin knowledge and explaining the science behind products.

Biotherm’s new Blue Retinol Night Serum has launched, and we couldn’t be more intrigued. What is it, and what makes it part of a “new generation of skincare”?

Blue Retinol Night Serum is the incarnation of life plankton’s regenerative and boosting effect. This product is the latest born from bioscience, for a new generation of skincare that unites high performance and sustainability. Retinol is one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients. When combined with life plankton and its exceptional bio-affinity, retinol’s potential is amplified. Our in-vitro study on seven proteins involved in skin quality and skin renewal proves that combining life plankton with retinol doubles the effectiveness of retinol! The same study showed that the duo also strengthens the skin’s protective barrier. As a result, 100 per cent of women who tested the product saw reduced wrinkles.Blue Retinol Night Serum lives up to our Blue Beauty philosophy. The formula has been designed with our commitments to the aquatic environment in mind: 92 per cent biodegradable, vegan, and tested on aquatic life

What are your top recommendations for use of this product?

This product holds very powerful retinol—this is why it has been designed to be used as a night serum. At night, skin focuses its energy on regeneration rather than defense. Also, retinol and sun don’t make good friends. It’s recommended to apply the product at night and wear an SPF in the morning. My special advice is to make the best of your routine with Blue Retinol Night Serum: follow the usage recommendations and drop all highly active skincare products from your routine while your skin is adapting to retinol (acids, peelings, etc.).

There’s also an environmental/sustainability angle to this launch. Can you tell us about that? Finally, what makes this serum “blue”?

The name of this serum comes from the unique association of ingredients that it holds: life plankton and retinol. Life plankton is an aquatic microorganism with skin regenerating properties, hence the adjective blue. But Blue Retinol Night Serum also embodies Biotherm’s Blue Commitments. At its core, Biotherm comes from water and we want to give back to it. In 2012, we created our sustainability program Water Lovers in order to minimize our environmental footprint on water and aquatic ecosystems. It encompasses all aspects of our value chain, from the sourcing of natural ingredients to formulas and packaging through the end of products’ life and mobilizes a global community of Water Lovers—NGOs, artists and citizens committed to creating a better future for our oceans. To embody these commitments, the formula is vegan, 92 per cent biodegradable and has been designed to be more respectful of aquatic life. The product packaging is eco-designed with 25 per cent recycled glass. Blue Retinol Night Serum scores B on our environmental impact label.


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