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Fall Home Decorating Tips With Melanie Hay

September 19, 2022

Fall is a time when the weather starts changing, kids go back to school and our lives begin to transition to more indoor settings—and this includes our homes! I have always thought that fall feels like a new year; it’s a time of transition and feels like a new beginning. And what better time to invest a little care and attention to the place you love most, your home? Here are some of my favourite decorating and design tips to transition your home for fall. —Melanie Hay

Declutter! Before you start adding anything to your home decor, NOW is the time to take stock of the items you have in your home and do a clean-up and clean-out session before adding anything to your home. Take stock of things you have lying around—are they useful? Do you LOVE them? If not, discard and donate items that are no longer serving or inspiring you. Clean off surfaces of extraneous items, clean out your junk drawer, get rid of old towels, ratty throws and anything else that feels chaotic or yucky. Your environment has a huge impact on your emotional and physical wellbeing so it’s worth the investment in time every now and again to clear away the clutter and make room for new energy. People often think of spring cleaning but I say fall cleaning is the way to go! Now it’s time to think about small but impactful strategies to gently transition your home from fresh and bright to more cosy warm and inviting vibes for fall. Here are a few suggestions.

Add a cashmere or wool throw or a chunky knit to your seating areas—armchairs, chaises and lounges. I like to have a few in every room so that people can have their own blanket.

Bring the outside in—literally. As the temperatures drop in the early fall there’s a lot of beautiful foliage from outside that can be foraged for your interior spaces. Time to take a walk around the block with some garden shears and see what treasures you can find! Think tree branches in oversized vessels, twigs with berries, large hydrangeas that can be left to dry, turning into beautiful centerpieces or just greens from nearby shrubs can all double as florals and bring warmth and an authentic, seasonal flare to your interiors.

Swap out toss cushions for darker hues and rich textures—velvet is one of my favourite textiles and is perfect for cooler days fireside.

Use seasonal fruit as a decorative accent—ceramic bowls filled with fresh apples, dark moody figs or pears all make great (and delicious) centerpieces for fall! Give it a go. So Simple, easy and inexpensive.

Service, Repair or upgrade your fireplace. There’s truly no better way to spend your time as temperatures drop in the fall, then nestling around the golden light and heat of a fireplace! Make sure your unit is cleaned out, serviced and in working order and you will enjoy it for many months to come throughout the fall and winter. My favorite fireplace is a wood burning fireplace, but many people opt for gas for ease of use, which is great too! If you have the funds to update an old dingy unit you will not regret it—there are so many beautiful gas fireplaces out there now! Be sure to consider what heat output you want (or not; some run hotter than others) and pick a realistic insert!

Add rugs. Areas in the home without rugs tend to feel cold and stark—the last thing you want in the fall. Bite the bullet and add that rug you’ve been meaning to buy for your family room, add a runner to your kitchen and a durable, textured rug to your entryway. In main living areas, go as large as you can—ideally all legs of the furniture will sit on the rug but if this isn’t possible, then the front legs should sit on the rug.

Incorporate warm wood tones and earthy palettes. Earth tones are a welcome addition to fall decor and have made a huge comeback this year. Oatmeal, rich brown, copper, brass, muted green, mauve, mushroom and similar neutrals are all the perfect addition to any space.

Candle it up. Candles are an amazing and easy way to add ambiance to any space for fall. Add a dramatic vintage candle holder like the image below or a simple, or a more glam collection of gold candle holders in staggered heights. When all else fails, add a clean scented candle anywhere in your home for a little bit of comfort and ambiance.

Create a cosy ambiance through lighting. Add wall sconces, picture lights, table and floor lamps to your space so that you can turn off your overhead lighting!



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