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5 Brands To Dress Festively For Halloween

September 22, 2022

Halloween is coming up, and while you may not want to spend a fortune on a one-time full Halloween costume getup, there are still lots of fashion brands that have unique pieces that can be worn as part of a Halloween look (or any other time of the year, too). Check out these brands to dress festively for Halloween—you’ll love their stylish spookiness! —Jennifer Cox

Old Navy’s graphic shirt “Pretend I’m a ghost” ($12) is a funny way to get into the spirit of Halloween without committing to a head-to-toe ensemble. It’s made from the company’s signature super-soft cotton polyester blend in a relaxed fit with a crew neck. You can also don this other times of the year when you just want people to leave you alone.

While H&M doesn’t have an official Halloween collection, they still have some fun DIY costumes for the less typical trick-or-treater. All their neon-coloured psychedelic-patterned shirts, tops and body suits are super fun for a groovy Halloween outfit. They also have slews of Barbie pink pieces, or darker black and pleather items for a Goth look.

Retro tees have always been ultra cool, and at Ardene, you’ll find a wide range of branded shirts that work perfectly for Halloween and any other day too. Their Chucky tee ($25), Dracula, Goosebumps, and Halloween II shirts are all perfectly petrifying for the holiday.

Leather has a certain edginess to it, and we are loving the faux leather at Dynamite. With a vast selection of pieces, from vests and pants to trenches and more, these items can become Halloween-friendly with the addition of frightening accessories. For example, pair their faux leather midi dress with fishnet stockings and black lipstick.

Urban Outfitters is known for their eclectic range of fashions, and that can only mean it’s the ideal place to take a specific piece and turn it into something funky and unusual (and maybe even a little scary). Take their UO Isabella Corduroy Faux Fur Trim Coat ($179) and transform it into a fortune teller, monster, movie star, and more.


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