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Meals On Wheels

September 22, 2022

With a husband in training for a bodybuilding comp (read: chicken and rice, then more chicken and rice), a picky (picky, picky) six-year-old, and li’l ol’ meatless me, hitting the road these days, whether for a park hangout with friends, a quick overnight getaway or a longer trek, often means bringing our own food. And that requires the perfect, ultra-transportable, indestructible, easy-to-lug-along container.

Enter the Roadie 48 Wheeled Cooler by Yeti, ($600 in white or charcoal) built for navigating tailgate crowds and taking lunches to go, and with the same cold-holding power you’d expect from a Tundra Cooler. It’s also made to last just as long—from the retractable periscope handle with extra-hefty provisions to its durable, puncture-resistant wheels, this thing is virtually indestructible. We boarded a boat with ours last weekend, and were impressed with its “bearfoot” non-slip feet.

More “cool” features: this baby’s wine friendly, fitting (most) standard vino bottles and 2L soda bottles upright, and a super-convenient drain plug in back to deal with all the melted ice after the food’s vanished. I ten-outta-ten recommend this cooler-than-cool (and actual chef’s pick) foodie friend. It’s meals on wheels done right. —Noa Nichol


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